Saturday, January 26, 2019

Review: Secrets de Sothys Premium Skincare

Sothys secrets  secrets de sothys  eye and lip youth cream  premium youth cream

If achieving glowing, youthful skin is one of your goals for 2019, then the Sothys Secrets line is for you.

Sothys is an avant-garde beauty expert that produces products sold exclusively in beauty institutes and spas. This highly specialized brand has an extraordinary commitment to research and innovation, which is shown through its effective line of luxurious skin and body care.

The Sothys Secrets line is inspired by the latest scientific findings on the role that stress plays in skin aging. The products in this collection feature an exclusive formulation with active ingredients to protect and visibly reveal the skin’s youthfulness.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Review: Kariderm Moisturizing Protective Cream with Organic Shea Butter

Kariderm Moisturizing Protective Cream with Organic Shea Butter 1

Happy 2019, and welcome back to Writing Beauty!

Preserving the health of my skin is always one of my goals and priorities, so I’m kicking off the year with some exciting new skin care products.

Today’s post features a facial moisturizer from Kariderm, a natural beauty company that features products made with raw, unrefined shea butter. This special ingredient is a natural anti-aging moisturizer that keeps skin soft, vibrant, nourished, and healthy. The shea butter is complemented in Kariderm products by clean, natural ingredients and therapeutic essential oils.

All Kariderm products reflect efficiency and respect for both people and the environment as they are crafted with unrefined shea butter that is certified Organic and Fair Trade. In addition, every Kariderm product sold includes royalties to the Social Fund which helps finance a healthcare protection program for women working to produce shea butter in rural Burkina Faso.

Not only do I feel good about using these products on my skin due to their natural, clean ingredients, I also really appreciate the company’s effort to ethically source their shea butter.

Read on for my review of the Kariderm moisturizer that is keeping my skin healthy during the dry winter months.