Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review: Sothys Paris Youth Creams

Sothys Paris Youth Review 1

I have a confession to make: I genuinely get excited when I am asked for my ID when I go to the casino in my city for dinner. It assures me that I must be taking good care of my skin if I look like I could potentially be at least ten years younger than my age.

Over the past few years, I have been refining my skincare routine to include only products that visibly preserve the youth of my skin and keep it looking healthy and radiant. For this reason, about 90% of the products that I use are from Sothys Paris.

If you are unfamiliar with Sothys, it is an avant-garde beauty expert that produces products sold exclusively in beauty institutes and spas. This highly specialized brand has an extraordinary commitment to research and innovation, which is shown through its effective line of luxurious skin and body care.

According to Sothys research, 80% of aging is caused by environmental factors. Thankfully, the new Sothys Youth Creams* are ideal for those, like me, who wish to keep their real age to themselves because they protect the skin every day from aging, preserve its beauty, and visibly fight the signs of aging.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

January 2018 Spiffster Club Box Review

January 2018 Spiffster Box Review 1

Some of my favourite accessories to collect are shoes, earrings, and scarves. For Mr. Writing Beauty, it’s ties. They add a pop of uniqueness and personality to any outfit and are an easy way to make the most of a small wardrobe.

Good quality ties can be expensive though and the selection at department stores doesn’t change frequently enough for tie enthusiasts to build a diverse collection.

Thankfully, Spiffster Club offers an affordable monthly tie subscription so that anyone can build a dapper collection of ties that fit their style. There are five different variations of tie styles and patterns to choose from including silk ties made from the finest silk fabrics, original or skinny ties made from premium microfiber, cotton, wool, and silk materials, and bow ties in self-tying or pre-tied options. Ties come in multiple patterns such as solid, striped, paisley, foulard, pin dotted, polka dotted, plaid, and knit. There is also a sock collection for those who love to keep their feet looking stylish and a Shop where ties can be purchased individually. I think the shop would be a great place to look when shopping for groomsmen ties. In terms of subscription options, they start at only $10 per month and you can save 20% for as long as you are subscribed with the code BEAUTYWRITER.

In January, Mr. Writing Beauty was lucky enough to try the January 2018 Spiffster Club Box*. Read on to see which tie he received and to read our thoughts on it.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

January 2018 CatLadyBox Review

January 2018 Cat Lady Box Review 1

Happy Caturday! Today I have a special post for all the cats and cat lovers out there.

One of my most important roles is cat mom, and I have no problem admitting that I’m a crazy cat lady. If it weren’t for Mr. Writing Beauty’s allergies, I would like to think that we would have more than two cats.

I'm sure that you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that there’s a subscription box for cat lovers.

CatLadyBox sends its members a monthly selection of unique and high-quality cat-themed items such as clothing, jewellery, home decor, and cat toys that you can’t find anywhere else. There is a CatLadyBox option that includes 3 items for cat ladies and a CRAZY CatLadyBox that sends 3 items for cat ladies and 2 additional goodies for cats. Boxes start at $34.99 per month and feature exclusive designs and limited-edition items.

Other great features of this subscription include a gift option (I don’t know any cat ladies who wouldn’t be excited to receive a CatLadyBox as a gift), the opportunity to purchase individual items from past boxes in the CatLadyBox Shop (they currently have a cat makeup brush set!), and the CatLadyBox Cares program which allows you to nominate your favourite rescue organization for a donation. Each week, CatLadyBox chooses one to receive a monetary donation and a box of CatLadyBox toys for their kitties to enjoy while awaiting their forever homes. My cats are both rescues, so I really appreciate companies that give back to animals in need and organizations that work hard to save animals and provide them with food and shelter.

CatLadyBox also supports independent artists and small businesses by including items in the monthly boxes from art galleries, boutique shops, craft festivals, and independent artist sites.

My cats and I were lucky enough to try the January 2018 CRAZY CatLadyBox*. Read on for our thoughts and to see what we received.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

January 2018 Oatbox Review

January 2018 Oatbox Review 1

With the start of 2018, many of us are making resolutions and setting goals to live healthier this year. Exercising, drinking more water, going to bed earlier, eating cleaner, and taking more time to relax are all great ways to improve your health, but don’t forget about breakfast. Sometimes it seems easier to grab a donut or skip breakfast entirely, but taking a few minutes to fuel your body with something nourishing and satisfying will give you energy to make progress throughout the day and keep you from making poor food choices at other meals.

Here’s some good news: You can have a quick, healthy breakfast without having to turn the stove on or get up much earlier. Even more good news: You don’t have to leave the house to get the ingredients. Thanks to Oatbox, you can have a variety of healthy breakfast products delivered to your door for only $20 per month with free shipping across North America.

Oatbox sends its subscribers two different granola mixes every month. The mixes include seasonal ingredients,  mineral-rich organic oat flakes that are known for preventing cardiovascular diseases and maintaining a healthy digestive system, organic rye flakes that aid in digestion and weight loss while lowering the risk of diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure, and organic raw honey that contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. They do not need to be cooked and can be enjoyed with some milk or yogurt for a fast yet healthy breakfast. Aside from the classic granola mixes, there is also an option to receive individual oatmeal pouches, gluten-free and nut-free granola, and breakfast cereal bars. All Oatbox products are handcrafted, made of healthy ingredients, and free of preservatives.

I was lucky enough to try the January 2018 Oatbox*. Read on for my review and to see the unique granola flavours that I received this month.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

NOTD: Zoya Dove

Zoya Dove Review 2

I think I’ve mentioned before that grey is one of my favourite colours. It’s the main shade in my home, and I have more grey cardigans than one person could ever need. I also ask for grey at about 90% of my gel polish appointments. It truly goes with everything and it always feels so classy and chic.