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Review: Sothys Paris Youth Creams

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I have a confession to make: I genuinely get excited when I am asked for my ID when I go to the casino in my city for dinner. It assures me that I must be taking good care of my skin if I look like I could potentially be at least ten years younger than my age.

Over the past few years, I have been refining my skincare routine to include only products that visibly preserve the youth of my skin and keep it looking healthy and radiant. For this reason, about 90% of the products that I use are from Sothys Paris.

If you are unfamiliar with Sothys, it is an avant-garde beauty expert that produces products sold exclusively in beauty institutes and spas. This highly specialized brand has an extraordinary commitment to research and innovation, which is shown through its effective line of luxurious skin and body care.

According to Sothys research, 80% of aging is caused by environmental factors. Thankfully, the new Sothys Youth Creams* are ideal for those, like me, who wish to keep their real age to themselves because they protect the skin every day from aging, preserve its beauty, and visibly fight the signs of aging.

These creams include elements from Sothys advanced research such as the BP3. Tri-Complex that combines botanical active ingredients with new generation peptides to fight against oxidative stress and fight the signs of chronological aging at all ages. They also include saffron flower polyphenols from France to trap free radicals.

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The cream from this line that I use most often is the Wrinkle Targeting Youth Cream. It is for those in their 30s and 40s looking to extend the youthful appearance of their skin by visibly smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, maintaining tone, and preserving an even complexion. In addition to these benefits, it has also helped keep my eczema and rosacea under control while preventing the dry patches that often pop up around my nose in the winter.

It comes in two texture options: light and comfort. I have the comfort version and love how it is luxuriously thick and rich without being greasy. I have been this cream every night for the past few months and can say with certainty that it has made a big difference in the quality of my nighttime skincare results. It allows me to wake up to plump, hydrated skin that’s as fresh and smooth as it would be after a professional facial. Other night creams that I have tried seem to disappear after a few hours, leaving my skin parched and deflated by morning. With this cream, hydration is constant and I wake up feeling glowy and youthful. I do not use this cream during the day only because it does not contain sunscreen.

Another youth product that is a regular in my skincare regimen is the Perfect Shape Youth Serum. I have been using this one for over a year and have been very happy with the results. This formula, targeted to those 25 and older, is meant to lift, refine, and smooth the complexion to maintain its youthful appearance. This is the first Sothys product that I tried and the first product that I saw instant, visible results from. Upon application, it provides a blurring effect that smooths fine lines and brightens the skin. Over time, it has improved the depths of the lines on my face and has given my skin an overall radiant appearance. To read my full, detailed review on this serum, click HERE. I also recommend the Reconstructive Youth Serum which is very hydrating and improves all signs of aging. Click HERE to ready my full review on it.

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The other creams in the Youth line treat different effects of aging.

The Vitality Youth Cream is for those in their 30s and 40s. Its objective is to reduce the signs of fatigue, smooth the features, and even out the complexion while targeting fine lines and loss of radiance. It contains a pore refiner system, a chrono-energizing complex, and phytic acid to act on visible signs of aging (loss of elasticity and enlarged pores) while restoring minerals to the skin and gently resurfacing.

For those with more mature skin and deeper wrinkles, the Restructuring Youth Cream and the Redensifying Youth Cream are ideal options for preserving youth.

The Restructuring Youth Cream restores skin by fighting against slackness, dark spots, and wrinkles. Some of its innovative ingredients include root extract (inspired by traditional Chinese medicine), marine exopolysaccharides, and chicory root. This combination plumps and restores youth to the skin.

The Redensifying Youth Cream treats skin that has lost vitality by regenerating it and restoring its radiance with a combination of alisma peptides, kombucha extract, uronic acid, and bambara pea extract. The result is revitalized skin that appears redensified.

Overall, the Youth skincare line developed by Sothys includes products to preserve youth for those at all ages. It includes innovative ingredients that provide visible improvements in the signs of aging for specific age groups and aging effects. I have tried quite a few Sothys products over the past couple years and have never been disappointed. They are a bit of a splurge but are worth it for me since they keep my complexion youthful so that I do not feel the need to start wearing foundation or considering painful and expensive anti-aging procedures. I highly recommend the Sothys Youth Creams for anyone looking to try a luxury skincare line that provides results to match its claims and prolongs skin’s youth in a research-based, natural, and non-invasive way.

For more information on Sothys Paris products, visit The Youth Creams and other makeup and skincare products are available in institutes and spas throughout Canada. To find them in your vicinity, you can call 1-800-361-3004. Those located in the US can find a salon that carries Sothys products by visiting

Which Youth Cream would your skin benefit from?

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