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January 2018 Spiffster Club Box Review

January 2018 Spiffster Box Review 1

Some of my favourite accessories to collect are shoes, earrings, and scarves. For Mr. Writing Beauty, it’s ties. They add a pop of uniqueness and personality to any outfit and are an easy way to make the most of a small wardrobe.

Good quality ties can be expensive though and the selection at department stores doesn’t change frequently enough for tie enthusiasts to build a diverse collection.

Thankfully, Spiffster Club offers an affordable monthly tie subscription so that anyone can build a dapper collection of ties that fit their style. There are five different variations of tie styles and patterns to choose from including silk ties made from the finest silk fabrics, original or skinny ties made from premium microfiber, cotton, wool, and silk materials, and bow ties in self-tying or pre-tied options. Ties come in multiple patterns such as solid, striped, paisley, foulard, pin dotted, polka dotted, plaid, and knit. There is also a sock collection for those who love to keep their feet looking stylish and a Shop where ties can be purchased individually. I think the shop would be a great place to look when shopping for groomsmen ties. In terms of subscription options, they start at only $10 per month and you can save 20% for as long as you are subscribed with the code BEAUTYWRITER.

In January, Mr. Writing Beauty was lucky enough to try the January 2018 Spiffster Club Box*. Read on to see which tie he received and to read our thoughts on it.

January 2018 Spiffster Box Review 2

The tie arrived in simple yet sleek packaging that fit easily into our mailbox. The tie itself was wrapped in plastic and a copy of The Spiffster Gazette: A Gentleman’s Publication.

January 2018 Spiffster Box Review 3

The Gazette is a fun surprise to receive and an environmentally-friendly way to give the wrapping paper another use. This issue includes a history of and instructions for creating a Saint Andrew knot with the tie, mind games to test how well you think outside the box, some style tips for choosing certain accessories and wearing different types of clothing, and some interesting facts about ties. We found this thoughtful addition to the box very entertaining and fun to read together.

January 2018 Spiffster Box Review 4
January 2018 Spiffster Box Review 5
January 2018 Spiffster Box Review 6

The tie we received is the Seattle Urbanite design. It retails for $32 and features a cotton fabric with a blue and green pattern. As soon as we opened the package, I knew this tie was perfect for Mr. Writing Beauty’s collection since it features the bright, fresh colours that always catch his eye when we are tie shopping. His wardrobe includes lots of solid pieces, so he often looks for patterned ties like this one to enhance his look in a fun, but still professional, way. This tie would pair well with a solid shirt or a coloured blazer in a complementary tone. The cotton fabric is a nice touch since it makes the tie an ideal accessory for spring and summer. Most of the ties he already has are silk, so his collection was in need of something different. The fabric itself is thick and holds its shape well while still feeling soft to the touch. It will be a great tie for work and summer weddings. I think it would also add a nice pop of colour to an outfit for engagement or couple photos.

Overall, Mr. Writing Beauty and I are very impressed with the January Spiffster Club Box. It’s a great service for those looking to build their luxury tie collection in an affordable way without even having to leave the house. The tie in our box was a great value as it retails for more than double the cost of the box. It is also well-constructed and includes a flattering design that will serve as a useful accessory for many different outfits. I highly recommend this subscription for those who love ties, those who are looking for the perfect gift for someone who values stylish accessories, and even those who are looking for an affordable monthly subscription box that sends wearable and practical items.

To learn more about Spiffster Club or to subscribe, click HERE or visit

Which tie style is your favourite?

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