Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Favourite Nail Polishes for Winter

Now that winter is just around the corner, I have selected some nail polishes that I will be wearing until the snow stops falling.

Cream finish polishes with purple/blue/grey undertones:

Zoya Jana, Zoya Petra, Zoya Kelly
Dark purple cream finish polishes:

China Glaze VIII, Zoya Pinta
Dark shimmery purple polishes:

OPI Concord Grape, OPI Catherine the Grape, OPI Purple with a Purpose

Zoya Juno, Sally Hansen Vixen
Medium purple metallic/icy polishes:

OPI Sahara Sapphire, China Glaze Avalanche, Zoya Areetha
Light metallic/icy polishes:

Color Club Front Row Diva, OPI Loyalty Islands Lilac, OPI Play the Peonies

Zoya Laney, Zoya Harley, Zoya Jules
Holographic/glitter polishes:

OPI Designer Series (DS) Shimmer, China Glaze OMG, OPI Absolutely Alice
Purple holographic/glitter polishes:

China Glaze LOL, China Glaze C-C-Courage, Zoya Neeka

OPI OPI Ink, Zoya Jem
Nude/light pink polishes:

Essie East Hampton Cottage, Zoya Marilyn, Essie Topless & Barefoot
Shimmery red/burgundy polishes:

OPI Glove You So Much, Revlon Blackberry

What are your winter favourites????


  1. Great choices! I really want to get Zoya Jana and Petra...I sooo wish I had China Glaze Lol!

  2. Hi new follower, found you from Makeup talk. I have a few of these polishes but my favorite is OPI concord grape. It's such a pretty color! Love to have you stop by my style/beauty blog and follow back :) Thanks!

  3. Great polish choices! I was recently given Zoya Kelly, and I loved it! I've been a follower of your blog for a little while now and I also enjoy your videos. I found you from Makeup Talk too, and I would really appreciate it if you'd stop by/follow back :)

    Renee (KitaRei on Makeup Talk) http://allglitzedup.blogspot.com and our sister blog just for polish, http://apolishedlife.blogspot.com