Friday, April 5, 2013

March SeasonsBox

Today, I’m very excited to have the opportunity to review the March SeasonsBox.  Unlike the other “deluxe sample” boxes, SeasonsBox sends 3-5 luxurious full sized seasonal must-have products each moth.

Each month’s box is completely different and includes environmentally conscious products for your home, body, and spirit. It’s called a SeasonsBox because each box is tailored to one season or a seasonal holiday. Last month I reviewed the February Box which was Valentine’s Day themed and featured healthy and eco-conscious products designed to nourish your body, invigorate your taste buds, and relax your mind.

This month’s box is St. Patrick’s Day themed (can you tell from the bright green bow and grassy box filling?) and features eco-friendly and green products, plus practical spring must-haves, to refresh and rejuvenate your home, body, and spirit.

The first item is an Ecoverse Compact Umbrella from ShedRainfrom. This umbrella is green (crafted from recycled materials and has a natural bamboo handle), storm-sturdy, eco-friendly, and compact enough to fit in your bag. Not to mention, this item alone pays for the entire box as it retails for $32 USD.  

The next item is an Organic Gourmet Tea from Octavia. I received green tea, which is perfect for St. Patty’s day with its green tint and rich flavour. This tea is 100% natural and certified organic, free of artificial ingredients and chemicals, and made from real tealeaves. I’ve been enjoying this tea in the mornings with a teaspoon of honey.

Now something to invigorate the senses: Natural Incense Cones from Vance Kitira. Not only does this product smell delicious, it comes in a mint green colour and is packaged nicely enough to function as a decorative item in your home. These cones are natural and come in a rosewood box. They smell refreshing and beachy!

The last item is satisfyingly scent-sational as well. This bar of Dublin Mint Irish Soap from All Things Herbal is natural and handcrafted using the cold process method for producing highest quality soaps. The invigorating scent is created by a blend of spearmint, peppermint, and rosemary. Perfect for an early morning shower!

Overall, I continue to be impressed by SeasonsBox. The full sized products are all items that I will use and love, which makes this subscription service more than worth the price. I did a rough calculation of the value of this month’s items, and the products combined retail at over $60—that’s double the price of the box!

Subscription rates begin at $29.95 which seems like a lot but, as you can see from the March items, you get what you pay for. I can’t wait to see what SeasonsBox has in store for April!

Did you receive a SeasonsBox this month? What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. I love the soap! And I need a new umbrella too :) I was very pleased with it.