Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: NCLA Nail Wraps

Nail Polish Canada now carries NCLA Nail Wraps! These wraps are perfect for the girl on the go who wants polished nails without the drying time.
NCLA Nail Wraps have been featured in publications such as Vogue and Elle and feature a wide array of styles. For this reason, I decided to try a bolder pattern as well as a work-appropriate design.
The first set that I tried is called Roomservice Stilettos and Champagne. This lace-inspired design is girly and edgy at the same time. The metallic silver background is eye catching yet subtle, and the lace overlay is delicate enough to be worn to a formal event but can also work as a fun accessory for a night out with the girls.
As you can see from the photos below, the kit comes with lots of wraps (44 to be exact) and a medium size nail file. The many size options made it easy for me to find a wrap to perfectly fit each nail. Each kit is good for three to four applications and retails for $16 CAD on
While these wraps applied much like similar products on the market, the package instructions recommend applying a thin layer of clear polish to the nails before applying the wraps. I found that this preliminary step really helped the wraps adhere to the nails.

Using the supplied nail file, it was easy to file off the excess wrap and create a clean edge. I didn’t have any issues with air bubbles when using Roomservice Stilettos and Champagne.

Next up is Jenna’s Nude Moon. I was instantly drawn to this pattern because it is very wearable but adds a unique twist to the typical nude nail. I have never quite mastered the half moon manicure so these wraps allow me to wear the trend without having to fumble with stencils and bottles of nail polish.

The matte texture of this design gives is a very mod feel that is clean and classy. My only complaint with Jenna’s Nude Moon is that the wraps were slightly thicker than Roomservice Stilettos and Champagne so they were a bit more prone to air bubbles. That said, the bubbles were easy to smooth out and I only missed one on the nail on my ring finger.

I wore each set of wraps for seven days without any major lifting. After a full week, I removed the wraps by gently peeling them off. I’m not sure if this was the best removal option but I did not have any polish remover on hand and the wraps peeled of nicely since there was that layer of clear polish between the adhesive and the nail.
Overall, I was very impressed with these nail wraps from NCLA. In addition to the designs that I tried, the brand’s nail wrap line features many other designs, including some very fun, bold patterns.
Find NCLA Nail Wraps here:
Nail Polish Canada currently offers free shipping on Canadian orders over $25 and US orders over $50, but the NCLA nail wraps ship for free with no minimum purchase amount. 
*Although the company sent me these products to review, all opinions are honest and are my own*


  1. This looks really gd, i especially like the more black and grey one, looks so nice. thanks for the review oxx

    holly xox

  2. I really like these!! The second set is really beautiful though!