Saturday, July 6, 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Strips in Sweet Spots (Review)

I’m very excited to review these nail strips from Incoco in the design Sweet Spots. Very appropriately named, the pretty pastel dots on these nail strips remind me of one of my favourite things—candy!

Each package of Incoco nail strips includes sixteen double-ended strips that last on the nails for up to 14 days. After wearing Sweet Spots for a full two weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the strips looked almost exactly the same as they did the day that I applied them. They were only starting to wear a bit on the tips of the nails on my dominant hand. I could have worn them for longer than two weeks but, by that time, my nails had grown quite a bit and I wanted to cut them before they started breaking. The strips were easy to remove with a cotton pad and a regular nail polish remover.
As you can see from the photos below, the strips also came with a little nail file, an orange stick, and application instructions.

One thing that I really love about the strips is that they are made of real nail polish that is 3-free, so the polish does not contain any harmful dbp, toluene, or formaldehyde. Being made of real nail polish also allows the strips to last much longer than nail stickers made of other materials.

Over the last year I have tried many different types of nail strips, and I would say that the Incoco strips are most comparable to those from Sally Hansen in terms of application and wear time. I do find that Incoco has more unique design and colour options than Sally Hansen, as well as a lower price tag.

In terms of application, these strips were easy to apply and they were quite stretchy so I could smooth them over my nails with ease to avoid bubbles or uneven patches. There were a few instances where I didn’t place the strip in the correct spot on the first try; however, it was not a problem since the strips are easy to lift and reposition even though they stick to the nail quite well once they are pressed down firmly and smoothed out.

Since the strips already have a coating of top coat, the design always has a shiny finish and does not need any additional product to keep it shiny or help it last longer. The finish did not become dull with wear and the design did not fade over time.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the nail strips from Incoco and I will definitely purchase from this company in the future.  I really like using nail strips because there is no drying time and, in my opinion, they last so much longer than liquid nail polish on my nails. They also don’t make my house smell like nail polish and there is nothing to clean up after application.

The Incoco nail strips can be purchased from The website also includes a store locator.

I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to review a couple more Incoco designs over the next few weeks. See the upcoming designs below.

What are your thoughts on nail strips?

*Although the company sent me these strips to try out, all opinions are honest and are my own*


  1. I have been wanting to try the Incoco strips; everyone seems to be giving them great reviews, and this is a really fun pattern. Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. The look great! Strips don't normally work for me so I hope these work for me!

  3. omg i love those prints! i have to have them, haha! i wasnt into the sally hansen ones but i guess it takes trial and error. ok so i read the blog post, but i didnt see you mention where i can get them besides the site....can u buy those at the store? any chance at a store in the states...? xoxo

    1. They can be purchased from there is a store locator on the site too.