Thursday, December 5, 2013

Coffee Circular Pearl Earrings from

Months ago, I wrote a blog post about a online store called that offers affordable and fashionable clothing and accessories, including wedding dresses,women’s blouses, ladies’ fashion, and more (read the post HERE). The company had contacted me and asked me to tell my followers about the site and the type of items that it sells. While browsing the site before writing my post, a few dresses caught my eye and I decided to order one so that I could provide you with a full, honest review of my purchase. Check out the dress review HERE, as well as pictures of a very pretty pair of snowflake earrings that are perfect for the current season.
Since then, I have had the opportunity to try another pair of earrings. The Coffee Circular Pearl earrings below are a very affordable yet classy  pair of earrings that are perfect for work but will also look great with a fancier outfit.
The photos below make the pearls look a bit more warm toned than they are in real life. They are actually more of a mocha colour.
I like that these earrings are very light on the ears and the yellow gold coloured accents are minimal. I normally prefer shades of silver over gold but I find that the gold complements the shade of the pearls in this particular set. The little rhinestones look very elegant and add subtle hints of glamour to the earrings.
Overall, I think these earrings are pretty for the price.

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