Sunday, August 12, 2012

French Manicure Tutorial (3 Freehand Techniques)

Lately, one of my most requested nail tutorials has been a French manicure. Often, I feel that the French manicure seems to get lost in the sea of neons, crackles, magnetic polishes, and other current trends. I like to wear a very clean, natural nail look on occasion and French tips are perfect for days at the office, special occasions, or any other time or event.
Rather than taking a trip to the salon, I like to paint my own French tips and have been using three different freehand techniques for as long as I remember. The photos below show three different looks that I created using two French manicure sets from

The first set, which can be found here,, features the typical French manicure colours (white, a light peachy base, and a top coat to finish).

I created this look and another using this set:

The second set ( includes a gorgeous pop of colour that I have not seen in other French manicure kits. One of the polishes is a gorgeous pinkish-red jelly shade that acts as a fun base and also a nice colour to wear year round.

As you can see from the photo below, the bright yet wearable shade really emphasizes and complements the white tips.

The sets retail for around $9 each which is reasonable for three polishes. Each set comes with tip guides that allow you to create a precise white tip. I also have a coupon code that will give you 7% off site wide: BEAUTY4K31
Let me know which technique is your favourite or if you have any other tips and tricks for painting perfect French tips.
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