Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Glymm Box

This month’s Glymm Box came with a pretty pink bag in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The company also sent a pink ribbon for members to wear.

After a disappointing September, the October Glymm bag was a bit more impressive with larger samples and even a full size product.

The first two items are for lashes and include Femme Couture’s  Lightning Lash mascara and Lash Card’s mascara shields. While I find it impressive that Glymm has sent a full size mascara, I will save it for a giveaway since I am still very happy with my Buxom Lash. As for the mascara shields, I don’t think that I have any use for them since I always look down when I apply mascara and don’t get any smudges. 

The next two items are not unique to this month’s box because we received them a few months ago in a different (syringe-like) packaging. The H2O Hydration is an anti-aging moisture that my sensitive skin would prefer that I avoid. I may try the Sun Whip SPF 25 as a sunscreen for my hands since I don’t trust it on my face.

Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme is another product that I cannot use as it is formulated for curly hair and my strands are of the straight variety. It seems like an interesting product though and I’m sure that one of my curly haired friends will love it. It’s also a good size sample and is a full size travel product.

The last item is a mini bottle of Johnson’s baby oil. While I don’t use this product regularly, I think that it will come in handy as a winter moisturizer. Glymm sent this product as a preview for its upcoming creation, Glymm MaMa.

I attempted to film my monthly Glymm unboxing video but for some reason my camera only caught half of it so my next, and last Glymm video, will be next month for the November box.

Now that I have cancelled Glymm (and will likely be cancelling Glossybox due to its price increase), I would love to hear your recommendations for other subscription services. I’m already subscribed to Topbox and cancelled Luxe Box.

Is there anything else out there worth subscribing to at the moment?

~Beauty Writer

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