Wednesday, October 24, 2012

September Glymm Box

I was not going to blog about what I received from Glymm in September. I was very unimpressed and planned to cancel my subscription right away. However, I delayed cancelling because I was patiently waiting for a nail polish order that I placed on I have now finally cancelled my subscription and will be receiving my last Glymm box in November.

Since I took photos of my September Glymm products almost a month ago, I thought that it was time to post them before writing about the October box.

The September box came with four different yet equally unimpressive samples. The first items were waterproof makeup remover wipes. Since I do not use or own waterproof makeup, I will not be using these. The next two products are an organic shampoo/conditioner duo. These products left my fine hair very weighed down and my blowout lasted only half the time that it normally does. The fourth, and most impressive sample in my opinion is the body lotion. It has a pleasant scent and I’m always on the search for new body moisturizers. I only wish that this was a larger sample because it is probably only good for one use. The last product is a skincare item that Glymm included in a previous box. My skin is very sensitive so I do not try skincare samples. Someday, I’m hoping to find one of these deluxe sample subscription services that sends makeup only and no skincare. 

The September Glymm bag is a cream-coloured version of the black bag that was sent in August. It does not have a patch with the Glymm logo and it is made of a sticky plastic material.

Overall, this bag does not make me regret cancelling my subscription. In September, I did not even film my monthly Glymm video because I did not feel that the products were worth filming.

For those of you who do not know what Glymm is, it is a service similar to Loose Button, Birchbox, Topbox, Glossy Box, etc. which offers monthly boxes of deluxe size product samples. Current subscription services are $12 monthly, $70 for 6 boxes, and and $120 for 12 boxes (prices include shipping).

What did you  think of the September Glymm box?

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  1. I agree with you, the only product I really enjoyed was the body lotion. I loved the smell. It reminded me of White Chai Mocha's from Tim's. Very spicy yet warm like fall.