Monday, January 14, 2013

January Topbox

In December, Topbox contacted its members to let them know that the Privé Box will be introduced in 2013 and it will showcase a selection of products from one featured brand. All Topbox members were granted priority access to this box and were promised to receive their first Privé Box this January.
After reading this email, and even after receiving the box, I’m still a bit confused about the concept of this new box. Is Privé Box a spinoff of Topbox? Can members subscribe to both? Will Privé Box eventually replace Topbox?  
I’m always wary of brand specific boxes because I have found that usually if I do not like one product from a brand, I will dislike others as well. That said, I was excited to receive the January Privé Box because Topbox said that it would contain products from one of the world's most iconic beauty brands.
When it showed up in my mailbox, I was a bit disappointed to see that it was printed with a Clinique label. I have never been a fan on Clinique products and would never think of this brand as iconic, let alone one of the most iconic beauty brands worldwide.
I received four products, three of which were skincare items. After filling out many of the Topbox surveys I had hoped that they would stop sending me skincare samples because my skin is usually way too sensitive for what they are sending and I have no intention of changing my skincare routine. The makeup item was a small eye shadow duo featuring two universally flattering shades. I’m hoping that if I receive a Privé Box next month it will feature a more exciting brand.

For those of you who do not know what Topbox is, it is a service similar to Loose Button, Glymm, Birchbox, Glossybox, etc., which offers monthly boxes of deluxe size product samples. Topbox currently offers its services across Canada. For more information check out

What did you get from Topbox this month?


  1. I got exactly the same box as you. Compared to what I got last month, I'm pretty happy with this month's box knowing that I will use up everything included. I'd rather receive skincare products than hair products which I have accumulated a whole pile over the months.

    1. I agree about the hair products. It would be nice if they just sent makeup :)