Thursday, June 18, 2015

Julep Confetti Toss Wedding Nail Polish Set

Julep Confetti Toss 1

It’s wedding season 2015! This year, the season is even more exciting for me because it will give me some inspiration as I embark on a bit of wedding planning of my own.

While I’m enjoying all different aspects of the wedding planning process, I love when I get to take on the beauty-related tasks. After all, I already think that I know which polish I will be wearing on my wedding day, but I won’t share that idea now since I may change my mind.

As frequent browser of the Julep site, I love to look through all the pretty polishes, makeup, and gift sets in the Weddings section which also has a very helpful wedding checklist. I had been eyeing one particular polish set called Confetti Toss for a while, so I finally decided to purchase it to see if it could be an option for a bridesmaid gift.

When I received the set, I first noticed how nicely everything was packaged. The two polishes came in a pretty gold embossed cover and a pink bag with ribbons. The outer box is made of a very sturdy cardboard with a rich pink coating and silver Julep logos. It has a magnetic closure and the phrase “We believe beauty is about connection, not competition” printed on the side of the box. There’s extra room inside to add other gifts like wedding jewellery or accessories for the big day. The packaging makes this set a convenient gift for bridesmaids since the bride will not need to worry about wrapping anything.

Julep Confetti Toss

The two polishes that come in the set are Nell (a blushing holographic full-coverage glitter) and Reese (a bright bubblegum pink creme). With two polishes in very different finishes, this set can be used to create many different nail looks. To see one that I have created so far, click HERE.

I think that the shades are perfect for bridesmaids because they will allow the ladies to express themselves with their polish without wearing a nail colour that’s too distracting. Since Nell is a very neutral pink shade that only needs a coat or two to look opaque, it can be applied quickly and will complement dresses in any colour. Reese is such a pretty pink that I think would look amazing with darker dresses in shades of navy, purple, emerald, and black, but also with lighter dress colours like champagne or silver.

Julep Confetti Toss 2

I really like the idea of giving a polish set to bridesmaids because it’s a practical gift that can be used long after the wedding and may get more use than accessories chosen specifically to match the dress.

In addition to this set, there are a couple others that I may consider purchasing to see how they compare.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Confetti Toss set from Julep.

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  1. Waaw,.. I want these beauties,..... Lovely pics,.. review,....

  2. Really pretty colours! especially love that pink <3 I'm super tempted to buy that set now (if it's still available!)