Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Cat Nail Art Stickers

Born Pretty Store Cat Nail Art Stickers 2
Born Pretty Store Cat Nail Art Stickers 1

Over the years, I have noticed that cats get a lot of love from the blogging community. I am quite the cat lover myself, so of course I was very excited to try out these cute Cat Nail Art Stickers* from Born Pretty Store. They have a very classy design and are cute yet adult appropriate. I did not feel childish or embarrassed wearing these stickers in public. In fact, I received compliments on them.

Just like the Bunny Nail Art Stickers that I reviewed back in February, this set comes with 14 stickers in various sizes to fit most nails. This set features black, white, and red cat designs on a pale pink background. The background looks whiter in the top photo, but the stickers are actually a bit more pink like they appear in the second photo. The pink is similar to Essie Ballet Slippers.

At only $4.99 USD plus FREE Worldwide Shipping, they are more affordable than nail art stickers from the drugstore and specialty beauty stores. You can also save 10% by using the code Beauty4K31.

Aside from being very easy to apply, these stickers have zero drying time and last for around seven days. After about four days, they did start to lift when I washed my hair, but I was able to smooth them back down for a few more days of wear.

I did have a few minor issues with this product. First, the two larger stickers with the full cat designs were very big for my thumb nails. I have very tiny nails but, even with trimming, I couldn’t get them to fit perfectly. Also, unlike the bunny stickers, these stickers did have a bit of a chemical smell, but it was not as bad as the scent of regular nail polish or the nail stickers from other brands.

Overall, I really enjoyed these Cat Nail Art Stickers and believe that they are worth the price. They are also the first nail art stickers that I have found that have a cat design. Click here to check them out and see the other available designs:

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  1. Waaw,.. these kitty nail stickers are so awesome,.. loving it