Monday, July 20, 2015

NOTD: Zoya Leslie

Zoya Leslie

I first posted about Leslie in my June Nail Polish Haul (check it out HERE). This pretty polish is part of Zoya’s Spring 2015 Delight Collection.

Zoya describes the shade as a soft lavender metallic with turquoise flecks. While it’s definitely lavender, I would say that it’s more shimmery than metallic. The turquoise flecks give the polish beautiful dimension and an element of surprise since the flecks show up most under a bright light source, especially sunlight. Without looking up close in regular lighting, the polish just looks like a soft lavender shade. I don’t mind that the turquoise shimmer is muted for the most part since it makes the polish more wearable for every day.

Like most Zoya polishes, Leslie is a bit thick. I only needed to apply two coats to achieve opacity. I was a bit disappointed by the finish of the polish. While the shimmery formula dries to a sheen, the finish is in no way glossy. Even after I applied a top coat, it almost seemed as though the polish absorbed the top coat, preventing it from leaving a high-gloss shine. If you like your nails to look like they are coated in glass like I do, you may not love the finish of this polish.

That said, Leslie is easy to apply, is long wearing, and is fun to wear on a sunny day. Overall, I recommend this polish for those who love shimmery polish shades that are appropriate for every day but still look unique.


  1. Beautiful color!!

  2. Nice shade. i want it,.. My bad, that Zoya brand it is not available here....