Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good Luck Sock Review

Good Luck Sock Review 1

Let’s talk about socks!

Sometimes we forget that socks are such an important accessory for communicating personal style. Consider a room filled with businessmen wearing professional suits. Upon first glance, they may appear to lack uniqueness since everyone’s wearing black, grey, navy or brown, but it’s that gap that surfaces between their shoes and pant hems when they sit that reveals each person’s individual style; we show our personality when we show our socks.

Mr. Writing Beauty is one of those men who likes to accessorize a neutral suit with a colourful pair of socks. For this reason, we were very excited to try some samples from Good Luck Sock*, a Canadian company that specializes in funky socks and offers a monthly subscription service. With its Sock of the Month Club, Good Luck Sock delivers a pair of socks to your door each month. You can get the subscription for yourself or gift it to someone else with your own unique message that will arrive with the first pair of socks. There are options for both men and women.

The subscription service is $72 for 6 months or $132 for 12 months. All prices are in Canadian dollars and shipping is included (and free!) anywhere in North America. They also have a Baker’s Dozen option for $138 which includes 13 pairs of socks. You receive the first pair right away. For all subscription options, sock designs are chosen randomly, but Good Luck Sock ensures that you will never receive the same pair twice.


Aside from the subscription services offered, socks can also be purchased individually. I think that this is a great option for stocking stuffers around the holidays and for grooms looking for unique yet affordable socks for their groomsmen. Individual pairs are approximately $12 each for both men's and women’s styles.

Good Luck Sock was kind enough to offer a discount for my lovely readers. Use the code BEAUTYWRITER for 10% off site wide.

Now let’s take a look at the exciting designs that Mr. Writing Beauty was lucky enough to try.

Good Luck Sock Review 2

The first pair is Orange Kaleidoscope which features orange, white, and blue triangles on a grey background. Next is Striped Light Show. This one is his favourite with its random mix of black, blue, grey, purple, and pink stripes. The last design, Orange Beez Kneez, has an orange and blue colour block design accented with black and yellow bees. All socks are made of a cotton blend and are designed in Canada. Mr. Writing beauty was very impressed with the stylish patterns as well as the quality. The socks are thick yet soft and have reinforced heels. Also, they are free of those uncomfortable threads that are found inside some patterned socks and fit well without being too tight or too loose.

Overall, we are very impressed with Good Luck Sock. It’s a great subscription service for those who are looking to add to their funky sock collection or for those who are looking for a unique yet useful gift to send to someone who likes to add a bit of flair to their outfits with stylish socks. It also offers a great selection of socks for occasional purchases or for when you’re looking for colourful socks for a wedding party. The socks are affordable, well made, and fashionable.

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