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Harry's Truman Shave Set Review

Harry s Truman Shaving Set Review 6

For me, summer is a time of breezy evening walks, shameless weekly trips to the ice-cream parlour, wearing my favourite dresses and heels without having to worry about tights, and lots of leg shaving. I like to give my razor and my skin a break in the winter by only shaving my legs once per week, but in the summer shaving becomes part of my daily shower routine.

I’ve been shaving my legs for the past twenty years and have tried many different razors and shaving creams to try to make the process as quick, painless, and affordable as possible. I never wanted to commit to a reusable razor with replaceable blades because I couldn’t find one that was worth spending the money on, so I always used the best quality disposable razors that I could find. They were a little scratchy and only lasted a few shaves, but I had been looking for years and they were the best out there…or so I thought. Little did I know that I was limiting my shaving experience by only considering razors available at the drugstore and those designed specifically for women.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a shave set from Harry’s and everything I thought I knew about razors changed. Unlike large brands that overdesign and overcharge, Harry’s offers fairly priced, high-quality razors that feature high-grade steel blades and handles designed using modern ergonomics. Harry’s ensures quality by focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction while taking part in the entire production process .

Since Harry’s avoids excess costs by making its own products in one of the world’s best blade factories in Germany and selling them directly to customers online, its razors retail for half the price of a traditional razor. The online store also offers a shave plan option for those who want to receive replacement blades in the mail based on shaving frequency. The cost is less than $2 per blade and those who sign up will receive a free razor handle. To put the price difference in perspective, I pay close to $15 for a package of three disposable razors at the drugstore, but with the shave plan I can get four replacement blades for only $8.

At the moment, Harry’s is also offering a shave plan free trial that includes a razor handle, blade, travel sized foaming shave gel, and a travel blade cover for free. You just pay the $3 shipping!
Although Harry’s is generally considered a men’s razor brand, it has many female customers due to the affordable prices, efficient design, and quality shave its razors offer.

Read on for my full review, as well as Mr. Writing Beauty’s thoughts, on the Harry’s Truman Shave Set*.

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First, we must discuss the packaging. It’s simple, sleek, and a little bit retro. It reminds me of an earlier time when personal care items were carefully crafted for optimal quality.

Harry s Truman Shaving Set Review 7

The message inside the lid of the box perfectly explains how Harry’s is setting itself apart from other shaving brands.

Harry s Truman Shaving Set Review 4

The razor is packaged in its own box featuring the Harry’s logo.

Harry s Truman Shaving Set Review 1

The Truman razor handle comes in three different colour options: Total Orange, Nautilus Blue, and Olive 107. I love a punchy pop of colour when it comes to grooming tools, so the orange is perfect for me. Mr. Writing beauty went with blue since it’s his favourite colour.

Harry s Truman Shaving Set Review 3

The Truman handle is inspired by the design of knives and pens with its weighted core and ergonomic shape. How cute is the texturized grip pattern on the underside of the handle? It really helps someone as clumsy as me maintain control with my thumb while shaving. I can’t even count the number of times that I cut my leg with a disposable razor because it slipped out of my hand when I was trying to shave the area behind my knee. I have no trouble holding on to the Truman handle.

Harry s Truman Shaving Set Review 2

This razor includes five blades to evenly distribute pressure over the skin and a lubricating strip for a smooth finish. All blades on this razor are made of the highest-quality finely ground steel and include a rust-preventing coating. It’s not visible in this photo, but there’s a special blade at the top of the cartridge that makes it easy to trim sideburns and hard-to-reach places like under the nose. Mr. Writing Beauty really enjoys this feature, especially for right under his nose where the skin is more sensitive and responds better to fewer blades passing over.

Another great component of this razor is the rubber flex hinge on the cartridge that has a perfect balance of elasticity and resistance to help the blades glide more comfortably over the contours of the face. For me, this is key to preventing cuts around my ankles and knees. When I use disposable razors, I can constantly hear clicking as the cartridge snaps back and forth around contoured areas. It leaves my skin too quickly which results in cuts, scrapes, and also missed hairs. The Truman razor, on the other hand, glides effortlessly over my legs without any clicking sounds or damage to my skin. It gets such a close shave that I can go an extra day without shaving. With the disposable razors, I have to shave every other day, but with the Truman I can leave 2-3 days between shaves which saves me time each week. Mr. Writing Beauty also has a strong appreciation for the effectiveness of the flex hinge. While this razor is not designed or recommended for head shaving, Mr. Writing Beauty uses it on his head with success. The flex hinge and multiple blades allow him to get such a close, smooth shave. With his regular razor, he usually misses the hairs right at the back of his head where it dips in above the neck, but with the Truman razor, he catches all the hairs. He also really loves how this razor does not create a lot of uncomfortable friction on his neck where he often experiences irritation and bleeding from disposable razors.

Harry s Truman Shaving Set Review 9

The Truman set comes with two extra cartridges in a case, as well as a travel blade cover to keep your blade (and your hands) safe when taking your razor on-the-go.

Harry s Truman Shaving Set Review 5

One of my other favourites in this kit is the Foaming Shave Gel. The formula includes natural ingredients such as  aloe and cucumber to hydrate and refresh skin. I love how the product is clear rather than dyed blue. It feels very clean, fresh, and soft on the skin. Not to mention, it works into a great lather. Mr. Writing Beauty really appreciates the scent. It smells like men’s cologne without being strong or overpowering. I also like the bottle. It looks great in my shower.

In addition to the Truman Set, Harry’s offers a Winston Set with a polished chrome handle that can be personalized with engraving and a Father’s Day Set that features a limited-edition Storm Gray Truman handle and a razor stand.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the shaving products from Harry’s. After all these years, I have finally experienced my best shave with this men’s razor. It’s gentler on my skin and gives a much closer shave than anything I have tried in the past. Mr. Writing Beauty enjoys it just as much as I do and we plan to sign up for the shave plan together. It will save us time spent on trips to the drugstore for razors, it will allow us to be more eco by changing cartridges rather than replacing disposable razors, and it will save us a lot of money.

I highly recommend Harry’s for those in search of a better quality shave at a fair price.

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