Thursday, June 15, 2017

Canada Day Nail Art + FREE Nail Vinyls for YOU!

Canada Day Nail Art  Free Nail Stickers 1

Thanks to the wonderful Nail Polish Canada, many of us will be celebrating this year's Canada Day with perfectly patriotic nails.

Have you ever wanted to adorn your nails with a maple leaf design only to realize how difficult it is to achieve those precise points? This year it’s going to be different since Nail Polish Canada is giving you the opportunity to receive Canadian Flag Nail Vinyls* from Whats Up Nails for free. Yes, 100% FREE (including shipping).

Read on to learn more about my nail design and to find out how you can get a free set of nail vinyls for Canada Day.

Canada Nail Art and Free Nail Stickers 3

The Whats Up Nails Canadian Flag Nail Vinyls ($5.65) make nail art easy since they can be used as either stickers or stencils. I used them in both ways to create my nail design.

Canada Day Nail Art  Free Nail Stickers 2

I began by applying three different base colours: Julep Brigitte (white creme), China Glaze OMG (silver holographic), and OPI Off With Her Red (red creme). Next, I added stripes of the red and white polish on the holographic nails using a nail art brush. For the maple leaf on my middle finger, I applied a Whats Up Nails Canadian Flag Nail Vinyl sticker to my nail after the red polish had dried completely, sponged on white polish with a makeup sponge, and then removed the sticker immediately to reveal a maple leaf. This effect reminds me of the outlines that fall leaves make during the first few snowfalls in November. I created the maple leaf on my thumb using the stencil method. Once the white base colour was set, I painted inside with the red polish and removed the stencil right away to reveal a perfect maple leaf.

This is the first time I have done a Canada Day nail design, and I’m very happy with the results and the ease of creating a maple leaf image. Although I used the vinyls as guides for painting my own maple leaf designs, they can also be worn as stickers. Here are a couple photos of how the stickers look when worn on their own.


To get your own nail vinyls, visit this link and enter the coupon code CGN45H957L0RV. It's valid for the first 10 people who use it. If my code is sold out, scroll down the page to find codes from other bloggers.

I would love to know if you receive a set of vinyls and how you plan to use them. Tell me in the comments below.

Happy Canada Day and happy nail designing!