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Review + Swatches: Cirque Vice 2017 Nail Polish Collection

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection 2

If you’re not in the summer mood yet, wait until you see what Cirque Colors has in store for this season. With its vibrant shades, pops of neon, and holographic glimmer, the Cirque Colours Vice 2017 Nail Polish Collection* captures the colourful energy of summer.

Speaking of summer, mine has been busy. In fact, I got salon gel manicures in June and July because I didn’t have time to paint my own nails. So, when my friends over at Nail Polish Canada asked if I wanted to try out the Vice Collection, I couldn’t wait. The whole swatching experience was incredibly refreshing and reminded me of how much I love painting my nails and trying new polishes.

Read on for my review and swatches of the Vice Collection.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection 1

The six polishes and one top coat in this collection come in their own matte off-white boxes with little round cut-outs to show the colours. All Cirque polishes are 4-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in New York.

The formula on these polishes is one of the best that I’ve tried so far. It’s incredibly smooth and the colours dry to a seamless finish even if they look a bit uneven during application. The pigmentation is also amazing. You can definitely get away with one coat if you are in a rush, but I prefer two. Although the polishes look quite glossy in the photos below, some of the neon shades have a less shiny finish once they are set. They also dry very quickly. I only waited about one minute between each coat and I was ready for top coat two minutes later.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection Socialite

Socialite (a lilac-pink creme) - I’m beginning with this shade because it’s my absolute favourite in the collection. Since this pink contains purple undertones, it perfectly compliments my cool-toned skin and is appropriately bright for summer without being too flashy for work. It’s also my new favourite pedicure polish. I may be imagining it, but I think it makes my pale skin look a bit tanned.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection One Night Stand

One-Night Stand (a bright indigo creme) - Can we take a moment to appreciate the richness of this colour? It’s like the vibrant summer version of the dark navy polishes that we can’t get enough of during fall and winter. It’s one of those colours that can function as an outfit’s main accessory and would be a great complement to a white dress. If you are looking for a very unique shade for summer that will get lots of attention, One-Night Stand is worth trying.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection Fame

Fame (a neon turquoise creme) - This colour reminds me of the clear turquoise waters I saw on a trip to the Bahamas. It’s beachy, fun, and truly captures the energy of a warm afternoon by the water. I love pairing this colour with black clothing to make it really pop. It’s also very wearable despite its vibrancy. Although it’s described as a neon shade, I don’t consider it a true neon like the three shades below.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection Kushy

Kushy (a neon lime green creme) - This shade is definitely neon. It’s highlighter green in its polish form. Out of all the polishes in this collection, this one has a slightly less-than-perfect formula. It’s not as smooth as the others in this collection and does not level out completely when dry (you can see this on my thumb nail). It also has a more matte finish than the first three polishes. Despite the minor formula issue, Kushy is still a fun shade for summer, and I think it would be great to pull out again in the fall for halloween.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection Extra

Extra (a neon orange creme) - Like Kushy, Extra is slightly matte and bright neon like a highlighter. It’s so bright that my camera couldn’t even capture the true shade. This yellow-toned orange reminds me of vibrant tropical flowers and hot summer days. If you love pink polishes but want something more unique and eye-catching for summer, I highly recommend Extra.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection Game Over

Game Over (a neon red creme) - I didn’t know that red could be neon until I saw this colour. Like with Extra, my camera didn't fully capture the brilliance of this shade. I feel like I almost need sunglasses to look at it. Aside from neon, I would describe this colour as a partially matte hot red with a hint of coral. It’s truly summer in a bottle. In a few months I will go back to wearing shades of crimson, oxblood, and cranberry, but for now I can’t get enough of this summer red’s energy.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection We Trippy Holographic Top Coat

We Trippy Holographic Top Coat - In regular light, this top coat gives the nails a sheer, glimmering effect that mirrors the crystal waters of the summer ocean. Under direct lighting, the holographic effect is illuminated and prismatic colours emerge. It will make your nails look extra fancy on a sunny afternoon. I would say that the general undertone of this polish is silver and the holographic flecks are very fine. This gives a seamless effect, so the polish still looks nice even when it’s not under bright light and the holographic effect is more subtle.

Cirque Vice 2017 Summer Collection One Night Stand and We Trippy

We Trippy looks great over all the shades in this collection, but I love it most over One-Night Stand. It gives that glowy blue starry sky effect that’s visible on clear summer nights. This top coat also includes a non-graying formula that allows polishes it's applied over to remain true to colour.
Overall, I’m very impressed with the Cirque Colours Vice 2017 Nail Polish Collection. Not only does it set itself apart from other seasonal collections with its intense pigments, energetic neons, and flawless formula, it also includes a holographic top coat that can be used with the other polishes to give them an extra dose of dazzle.

Considering that there are only six polishes in this collection, the shade range is quite extensive. From bright shades, to rich colours, to smooth sparkle, there’s a summer polish here for everyone. For me, the standout shades are Socialite, One-Night Stand, and Fame. All polishes in this collection are limited edition, so don’t wait too long if you want to try them.

You can find the Vice Collection here:

Which shades are your favourite?

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