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Review: Glo Skin Beauty

Glo Skin Beauty Review

As a blogger, one of my yearly goals is to discover brands that align with my own values for business, beauty, skincare, ethics, and lifestyle. My first discovery of 2019 is Glo Skin Beauty. This brand really caught my attention because its products highlight natural beauty and promote confidence. For Glo Skin Beauty, makeup is an extension of skincare. As a result, the company’s professional skincare products are developed with active ingredients to promote healthy, youthful skin, and its mineral makeup formulations nourish, enhance, and protect all skin types.

Glo Skin Beauty also uses ingredients that are good for the skin and are safe for even the most sensitive skin; skincare products are paraben free, and beauty products are talc free. In addition, Glo Skin Beauty is cruelty free. It does not test on animals and is a PETA approved brand.

Since I am always in search of beauty products that enhance natural beauty, preserve skin health, and respect animals, I was very excited for the opportunity to try Glo Skin Beauty.

Glo Skin Beauty Review Sweet Almond Amaretto Body Spa Duo

The Sweet Almond Amaretto Body Spa Duo* is just what my skin needs after this dry winter. The set includes a Smoothing Sugar Melt scrub which is infused with sweet almond oil and sugar crystals to gently buff away rough patches and leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It also uses vitamins A and C to repair and condition. This scrub is great for prepping legs for shaving. It allows for a smoother shave and the added hydration prevents nicks and cuts. I also enjoy using it before applying self tanner for an even application. The scent of sweet almond amaretto is a nice feature that makes me feel as though I am at a luxurious spa.

Along with the scrub, this duo also includes a Conditioning Body Butter. For me, moisturizing the skin on my body is just as important as moisturizing the skin on my face, so I apply body lotion daily after my morning shower. Over the years, I have tried many body lotions from drugstore options to luxury brands, and I can confidently say that this Glo Skin Beauty lotion is one of the best. The formula is emollient and rich without being greasy. It leaves skin feeling silky and soft for the entire day. It’s keeping my legs looking fresh and smooth in preparation for spring and summer. I also use it, along with the scrub, on my hands before bed. I have found that some hand creams actually make my hands feel even more parched, but this cream maintains consistent hydration all night with its combination of vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and evening primrose oil. Like the scrub, it has a cozy sweet almond amaretto scent that helps me feel relaxed and ready to sleep.

Glo Skin Beauty Review Suede Matte Crayon in Crimson and Trademark

For lips, the Suede Matte Lip Crayon* provides saturated, long-wear colour with a velvety-smooth finish. My favourite aspect of this product is its precise application. My lips are small, so applying lipstick from a standard tube is always a struggle. These lip crayons are such a time saver because I can quickly apply them without accidentally smudging the colour beyond my lip line. I often expect matte lipsticks to be drying, but I was pleasantly surprised by this product. The vitamin C, vitamin, E, mango oil, and shea butter formula feels very light and comfortable. This product is also convenient since I can just throw it in my purse in the morning and I don’t need to worry about bringing along an extra lip balm or gloss.

Glo Skin Beauty Review Suede Matte Crayon in Trademark

As for the shades, I was lucky enough to try two that fit perfectly with my style and skin tone. Trademark is an earthy rose that gives the lips a rosy, natural flush. This is my go-to colour for every day. I like to wear it with curled lashes and a neutral pink blush for a fresh, youthful look.

Glo Skin Beauty Review Suede Matte Crayon in Crimson

For a night out, I love wearing a red lip with a shimmery champagne eyeshadow and a few coats of mascara. Crimson is a cool red, so it perfectly complements my pale, cool-toned skin.

Glo Skin Beauty Review Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Bonbon and Orbit

For eyes, the Cream Stay Shadow Stick* provides pigmented, lasting colour. I like that this product is very buildable and can be used as a base, a shadow, or a liner. It comes with a built-in sharpener to ensure that the point is always precise. My favourite way to use this product is as a liner. It smudges nicely before it sets, so it’s ideal for creating both a natural look and a smoky eye. In addition to the two darker shades in the photo above, the shade range includes some lighter, shimmery shades that would look lovely as an all-over lid colour.

Glo Skin Beauty Review Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Orbit

Orbit is matte charcoal shade that is versatile with a modern touch. It makes my brown eyes pop and is a nice alternative to black liner. The photo doesn’t capture just how smooth and creamy the formula is.

Glo Skin Beauty Review Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Bonbon

Bonbon is a deep matte brown shade. In person, it looks less red than it does in the photo. It’s more of a chocolate brown that I think would work well with a range of skin tones and eye colours. It’s a great staple shade for every day.

Overall, I am very happy that I was introduced to Glo Skin Beauty this year. The brand’s natural, effective approach to skincare and makeup is evident in the quality and formulas of its products. It offers a wide range of items, so I believe that there's something for everyone. In addition to the products that I tried, Glo Skin Beauty has luxurious skincare products for the face as well as additional body care and makeup items. Another highlight of the brand is its curated makeup and skincare kits. I wish I would have known about this company before the holidays because the kits would have been nice to purchase as gifts. I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for innovative, cruelty-free, beauty products with quality ingredients.

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