Thursday, May 19, 2011

China Glaze Nail Polish Swatches

Here are my China Glaze Polish Swatches!

I purchased the clear nail wheels from BF-Beauty:

A package of 10 wheels was only $4.99. I bought the clear wheels so that I could see the true opacity of each polish.

On the wheels below, I applied 3 coats of each polish. I did not apply a base coat or top coat to any of the nails.

*click photos to enlarge*

1. Lemon Fizz 2. Temptation Carnation 3. Peachy Keen 4. V 5. TTYL 6. Bad Landing 7. Strawberry Fields 8. Fifth Avenue 9. Pink Underground 1o. Free Fall 11. Something Sweet 12. Light As Air 13. IDK 14. Spontaneous 15. Flying Dragon (Neon) 16. Grape Juice 17. C-C-Courage 18. Avalanche 19. LOL 20. VIII 21. 2NITE 22. Secret Peri-Winkle 23. For Audrey 24. OMG

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