Thursday, May 19, 2011

OPI Nail Polish Swatches

Two weeks ago I began swatching my Essie polishes and recently I have completed my collection of OPIs.                                             

I purchased the clear nail wheels from BF-Beauty:

A package of 10 wheels was only $4.99. I bought the clear wheels so that I could see the true opacity of each polish.

On the wheels below, I applied 3 coats of each polish. I did not apply a base coat or top coat to any of the nails.

*click photos to enlarge*



1. This colour is unknown (it is a mini polish that did not come with a label)  2. Glim-merry Gold  3. Mad as a Hatter  4. DS Shimmer  5. Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede  6. Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees  7. Absolutely Alice  8. Sahara Sapphire  9. Loyalty Islands Lilac  10. Venus Di Violet  11. Shanghai Shimmer (this one has changed colour since I got it. It used to be a pretty light pink with a green duochrome, now it is a brownish purple with a green duochrome)  12. Significant Other Colour  13. DS Diamond  14. Parlez-Vous OPI?  15. Done Out in Deco  16. A Grape Fit  17. Catherine the Grape  18. Lincoln Park After Dark Suede  19. Concord Grape  20. Yes…I Can Can  21. OPI Ink  22. Purple with a Purpose  23. Plugged-In Plum  24. Glove You So Much  25. Dear Santa  26. Meet & Jingle  27. Thanks So Muchness!  28. Smitten with Mittens  29. Off with her Red!  30. Ecuadorable Coral  31. Brainiac (Sephora by OPI)  32. Baguette Me Not  33. You’re Such a Kabuki Queen  34. No Spain No Gain  35. La Paz-itively Hot  36. The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush  37. Shorts Story  38. Mall Queen Mauve (Nicole by OPI)  39. Japanese Rose Garden  40. Not So Bora-Boring Pink  41. Don’t Melbourne the Toast  42. Got a Date To-Knight  43. Rosy Future  44. Italian Love Affair  45. Pink of Hearts  46. Hawaiian Orchid  47. Kiss on the Chic  48. Pearl of Wisdom

After swatching all of these colours, I discovered that I have very few light pastel spring colours in my OPI collection. Which ones do you recommend?

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  1. The wheel seems to be helpful in knowing what shade the polish will look like. I always have to test my old nail polish on one of my nail to see the actual shade.