Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY Dry Hand Treatment + Tips for Preventing Dry Hands

Since I film lots of nail tutorials (using harsh removers a few times a week) and do a lot of dishes and hand washing, the skin on my hands gets quite dry. Dry hands can be painful and can also make your skin look much older than it is. Not something that many of us want! For this reason, I have put together a DIY hand treatment that I use often to repair the dry skin on my hands and nails.
You will need 4 products to create this treatment:

1. An exfoliator (you can use any body or facial exfoliator)
2. A hand or body cream/lotion of your choice
3. A Vitamin E capsule (found at most drugstores)
4. A sewing needle (be careful when using this!)

Step 1:
Wet hands and gently massage the exfoliator into skin in a circular motion.

Step 2:
Use the sewing needle to carefully puncture the Vitamin E capsule and mix the contents with a bit of hand lotion. Massage mixture into hands. It's best to do this treatment before bed so that the treatment can have a few hours to absorb and soften your skin.

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