Monday, May 21, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Jaime

Zoya Jaime is my new favourite light pink polish. It’s unique because it’s not the typical light pink cream-finish polish; it has a bit of shimmer and is categorized by Zoya as a metallic polish. It’s also fairly opaque despite its light colour and shimmery finish. In fact, Zoya gives it a 3/5 for opacity. I used three coats of this colour in the photos below but could have gotten away with two.  Zoya describes this colour as a pale light milky rose pink with lilac tones and a strong pink pearl duochrome shimmer. I wouldn’t say that the duochrome is particularly strong but the polish does flash a lilac sheen in certain lights. It is a milky colour that almost looks jelly-like, giving the nails that squishy, marshmallow effect. Overall, it’s a perfect colour for Spring, Summer, and year round!

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