Sunday, May 27, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Bevin

Today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and paint my nails using Bevin from Zoya’s Spring 2012 True collection. For months I have been wearing pinks, nudes, and lavenders so I thought it was about time to try out a shade of green. After all, I purchased Bevin weeks ago and haven’t even had the courage to swatch her until now!

Zoya describes this colour as “a dusty, medium sage green with teal tones and a creamy opaque finish. A stylish and unique shade for when you want something different from the usual mint green.” This description is quite accurate in my opinion. This colour truly is unique and has a very vintage feel. I picture this shade on a vintage car parked in front of a diner or a drive-in. It also reminds me of sea glass. The photos below tone down the vibrancy of the colour a bit. It is actually a bit brighter and, for some reason, it looks even nicer on the nails than it does in the bottle.

The formula is very smooth and creamy. Zoya gives it a 5/5 in terms of opacity. I only needed to apply two coats before the polish looked opaque on my nails and I didn’t bother with my usual third coat because it was absolutely unnecessary in this case. Like many of Zoya’s cream finish polishes, Bevin has an incredible shine once it dries, making a top coat only necessary as a means of prolonging the polish rather than enhancing the shine.

Overall, I think that Bevin has gotten me out of my pink/nude/lavender polish rut and I will be reaching for her many times throughout the spring and summer.

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