Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Epicare Facial Hair Remover Review

Looking for an alternative to salon waxing or threading to remove unwanted facial hair? Epicare may be the perfect solution for you!
I was most excited to try this product because I have always struggled to find a quick, easy, and effective method for removing facial hair. My sensitive skin has never reacted well to waxing so I usually use a little mirror and a pair of tweezers when I want to remove facial hair. This method can be time consuming and a bit painful. It’s also not completely accurate since my hair is very fine and hard to grab with tweezers sometimes. I have thought about threading in the past but in my city it’s really only done at the mall at a little stand in the middle of an aisle. I’m a bit too shy for that.
After doing a bit of research, I found that the Epicare claims sounded very appealing. As the world’s first DIY manual threading device that uses spring action to remove unwanted hair without damaging skin, Epicare is known for being environmentally friendly and reusable, convenient, easy, fast, able to remove fine, short hair, safe for all skin types, and hypo-allergenic. Retailing for $15, the Epicare is also a lot more affordable than frequent trips to the salon for waxing, and it doesn’t need to be sharpened over time like tweezers do. It also comes in multiple colours (mine is in Fiery Red).

When I first received the Epicare in the mail, it looked a bit scary. My first thought was, this spring is going to pinch my skin and probably break off the hairs rather than remove them from the root. I also wasn’t completely sure how to use it. On my first attempt, I bent the spring and held both ends in one hand as I pushed the curved spring up and down against my skin. Nothing happened. After a few tries, I discovered that the best way to remove hairs is to bend the spring and hold one end in each hand while rolling the handles outward in the opposite direction of hair growth. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the Epicare only pulls hairs out from the root without grabbing the skin. For me, it was less painful than tweezers because it pulls out the hairs quickly yet gently. I have a very low pain tolerance and this product caused nothing more than a slight pinching feeling that disappeared within seconds. When I use tweezers, my skin is a bit red and blotchy afterward for about ten minutes, but I didn’t experience any redness after using the Epicare. To clean the product, just pull on the handles to stretch out the spring and the hairs will fall out.
I also like how I don’t really have to use a mirror with the Epicare since I use it on larger areas to remove multiple hairs at once. I just do a quick check when I’m done to make sure that all hairs are gone. Because I like to use this product while watching television or a YouTube video, I wouldn’t attempt to use it on areas where hairs need to be removed more precisely (like my eyebrows).
Overall, I am very impressed with the Epicare and I will be using it for now on instead of tweezers. 
Those in Canada can purchase the Epicare from http://www.nailpolishcanada.com/products/facial-hair-remover-by-epicare.html (currently, all orders ship FREE in Canada from Nail Polish Canada!), and those in the USA can purchase the Epicare from https://www.epicarehome.com
Have you tried the Epicare? What are your thoughts on it?
*Although I was sent this product to try out and write a review on, all opinions are honest and are my own*

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