Monday, January 27, 2014

Zoya Naturel Collection Review + Swatches

The Zoya Naturel collection features six full coverage rose toned nude polishes. Each shade has a cream formula that dries to a glossy finish even without topcoat. According to Zoya, each polish in this collection is cool toned and has an opacity level of 5/5.

As soon as I saw the press release for this collection, I knew that I needed to put it on my wish list since I love cream polishes and shades of pink and purple. In fact, this is the first time that I ordered an entire collection from Zoya; usually I only want a few colours from each seasonal collection. I purchased my set from Nail Polish Canada for $50 CAD (individual colours are $9.75). I thought that this was a great price since the Zoya website is selling the set for $54 USD. 

The polishes came in a clear plastic box with the word naturel written on the front in light grey. The colours are organized in the box by shade from lightest to darkest.

The first three colours, Chantal, Taylor, and Rue, are the lightest. In the bottle, Chantal and Taylor look almost identical; yet, as you can see from the swatches below, they are easy to tell apart when on the nails. I can’t decide which one I prefer with my skin tone. If anything disappoints me about this collection it’s the fact that two nude shades were included. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good my nails but better colour, but I would have preferred to see maybe just one light nude and another unique pink or purple shade. I prefer Rue to the nudes because it is more pink toned.

The three darker colours are Brigitte, Odette, and Normani. These three have less in common than the first three. Brigitte appears to be a darker version of Rue, Odette is a brighter shade of pinkish purple, and Normani is more of a greyed purple. These three, along with Rue, are my favourites in the collection. 

Now for the swatches.

Zoya Chantal: Chantal is a French vanilla cream in the nude/beige family. In the swatch above, this shade looks fairly even. However, the first two coats were rather thick and streaky. The third coat smoothed everything out. I would say that Chantal is more peach than Taylor.

Zoya Taylor: Taylor is a light toffee cream in the nude/beige family. Like Chantal, Taylor required three coats to look even. This polish is much thinner than Chantal though and only needed three coats because the watery formula was too sheer after just two. Compared to Chantal, Taylor has more brown tones. 

Zoya Rue: Rue is a boudoir blush cream in the nude/pink family. Unlike the first two polishes in the collection, Rue has a very smooth formula. The photo above features three coats but Rue was opaque with just two. I love this shade because it’s a cozy, more sophisticated version of the baby pink polishes that were popular in the summer.

Zoya Brigitte: Brigitte is a bombshell mauve cream in the nude/mauve colour family.  This polish has a smooth formula that is easy to apply. The photo above shows three coats of Brigitte but only two are necessary. This classy pink toned nude is very versatile and is the perfect shade to add a hint of colour to the nails without clashing with clothing or accessories. 

Zoya Odette: Odette is a sultry orchid maroon cream in the nude/mauve family. This pigmented shade looks flawless with two coats even though there are three in the photo above. The formula is smooth and creamy. Compared to the previous shades, Odette is rather unique with its brighter base and rich orchid tones. It’s the perfect colour to grab when you’re looking for a true pop of colour.

Zoya Normani: Normani is a sable mauve cream in the nude/mauve/purple colour family. I have tried so many of these grey/beige or “griege” shades but most of them are either too brown or too greenish-grey. Normani’s purple tones add a level of chicness that I have never encountered with this type of shade. The colour is soft and understated but also elegant and modern. Like most of the polishes in this collection, Normani’s formula is seamless and achieves opacity with just two coats. There are three coats in the photo above.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Zoya Naturel collection. All of the shades are very wearable and appropriate for all seasons. While I feel that Chantal and Taylor are not as unique in colour and smooth in formula as the other shades in this collection, they are pretty colours that I will use, especially for work.

Have you tried the Zoya Naturel collection? What are your thoughts on it? Which shades are your favourite?


  1. Zoya Rue is so pretty :))

  2. I love the chantal one. I don't have a color like that in my collection.

  3. All of the shades are gorgeous! I've heard so many great things about Zoya nail polishes, but I've never tried them before. I will definitely look into them when I'm in the market for new nail polishes. =)

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  9. I'm a huge fan of this collection! Your picture quality is absolutely amazing. Great post!

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  10. Such fab colours! I'm loving the look of the last 2 especially.


  11. Hi and wow I love all of these shades of nail polish and they look so pretty on you! I saw it at the wake up wed. party!
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  13. Very pretty!!! Really like last two!

  14. The one I like is the Zoya Rue. I will keep a look out for a similar color. Have a great weekend.