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February 2018 Bakers Krate Review

February 2018 Bakers Krate Review 1

Today I have an exciting and extra-sweet post for you featuring the February Bakers Krate*.

If you are unfamiliar with Bakers Krate, it’s a subscription box that sends its members hand-crafted gourmet baked goods produced by Canadian experts. The Bakers Krate team searches for Canada’s best desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth so that you can enjoy local tastes and delicacies in the comfort of your own home. Each box contains fresh baked goods such as cake pops, pie jars, cookies, dessert squares, and more made by Canadian artisans. Each item in the box is packaged well to guarantee freshness.

Subscriptions are $19.99 per month plus $9.99 shipping across Canada. You can save a bit each month by signing up for a three month or a six month plan. You can also send Bakers Krate as a gift and include a sweet, personalized message for the receiver. I have used the gift option for special holidays, birthdays, and for friends who are living away from home. After all, there’s no better cure for missing home than a surprise box of delicious gourmet treats.

The February box is pretty in pink for Valentine’s Day! It also comes with two information cards. One card includes a Dessert Menu with a description of each product as well as an Ingredients List an an expiry date for each dessert. The other card provides interesting background information on the bakeries that created the desserts. Bakeries that contributed to this month’s box are all based in Ontario.

February 2018 Bakers Krate Review 2

Here’s a little sneak peek at the five items in the February box. Everything is individually wrapped and securely packaged to maintain freshness and prevent damage during shipping. Pink always makes me happy, so I was very excited to see all the pretty pops of colour with my first glimpse into this box.

February 2018 Bakers Krate Review 6

Valentine’s Lemon Square (Cupcake Goodness, Oshawa, ON,

This pink-glazed lemon bar has the perfect balance of flavours with its sugar cookie base and hints of juicy lemon. I love how the bar is soft and rich without being too sweet or too sour. It makes me think of spring and sitting outside in the evening with a hot cup of tea while enjoying a delicious citrus-infused dessert.

February 2018 Bakers Krate Review 4

Red Velvet Cake Pop (Flourgirls, Milton, ON,

This pretty red cake pop is the first dessert that I tried from this month’s box. I’m a true cake pop lover (what’s not to love about cake on a stick?) and can assure you that this is one of the good ones. The red velvet cake inside is the ideal fudgy consistency that reminds me of a brownie-cake hybrid. It’s complemented by a creamy chocolate shell and a spray of crunchy sprinkles. What a fun way to eat cake!

February 2018 Bakers Krate Review 7

Belgian Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Puddle (Christy’s Gourmet Gifts, Burlington, ON,

Before I even tasted this pretzel puddle, I knew that it was going to be decadent. After all, it smells like a gourmet chocolate shop and looks like a work of art. Not to mention, the combination of soft caramel, rich chocolate, and crunchy pretzels is everything a sweet and salty dessert lover like myself could ever want. I cut this one in half and ate it over two days because I wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible.

February 2018 Bakers Krate Review 5

Kisses Butter Tart (Dee’s Bakery, Cambridge, ON,

This is not your average butter tart! Aside from the unique sugared heart topping, it also includes a Hershey Kisses filling. I tried this butter tart without first reading the description and was pleasantly surprised by its  gooey, chocolatey centre surrounded by a soft, flaky pastry. Now that I have tasted the magic of butter tarts with chocolate, I don’t know if I can ever go back.

February 2018 Bakers Krate Review 3

Toffee Crunch Shortbread Bar (Cupcake Goodness, Oshawa, ON,

Just like with the butter tart, this bar brings together two amazing treats — toffee and shortbread— to create a dessert that’s outside the box. The buttery shortbread base topped with flavourful, crunchy toffee is a modern twist on an old favourite. I love the combination of the soft cookie and the chewy topping. It’s like a candy bar for adults.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the February Bakers Krate. It includes a delicious assortment of hand-crafted bakery desserts that can satisfy any sweet tooth. I especially love that this subscription allows its members to try gourmet treats from bakeries in other places in Canada without even leaving the house. I hope to visit some of these bakeries in the future when travelling throughout the country. While I truly enjoyed all the desserts this month, the standouts for me were the cake pop and the pretzel puddle. I’m a bit biased though since chocolate is my go-to baking ingredient, and I can never get enough. Which ones ones were your favourite?

If dessert is a passion of yours, I recommend checking out the Bakers Krate Instagram ( since it regularly features photos of decadent desserts and other sweet treats.

To learn more about Bakers Krate or to sign up for your own box, click HERE or visit

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