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July 2018 Bullymake Box + Coupon Code

July 2018 Bullymake Box Review 1

The July Bullymake Box includes products to keep active dogs entertained during the warm summer months. Where I live, July is the hottest month of the season, and my dog spends more days indoors to avoid overheating. Luckily, Bullymake keeps him entertained with new toys and treats each month.

If you are unfamiliar with Bullymake, it is a dog subscription box designed for power chewers that have an easy time destroying toys and treats. Boxes contain 2-3 extremely tough chew toys and 3-4 all natural treats. Toys are tested for durability on nearly every power chewing breed to ensure the highest quality. Boxes are customized by dog size for dogs 10-200 pounds.

Bullymake is very accommodating to its subscribers and truly stands behind its products. All toys have a 14-day guarantee and will be replaced with an even tougher toy for free if they are destroyed in this time period. The company also has a satisfaction guarantee, so if a dog does not like a certain toy or treat, it will be replaced without the owner having to send it back or pay for shipping on the replacement. For dogs with meat, chicken, or grain allergies, Bullymake can customize boxes to cater to them and even offers a toys-only option for dogs who cannot have treats at all.

Boxes start at $39 per month. *Click HERE and use the code BULLYMAKE10 for $10 off your first box*

Read on to see what my dog received in the July box.

July 2018 Bullymake Box 1

Here’s a quick look inside the box. The bright orange and yellow shades are a prefect representation of the hot July days and sunny afternoons.

July 2018 Bullymake Box 3

This month’s box includes two strong toys that are made in the USA and designed by Bullymake.

T-Bone Chew ($18) - This is the second month in a row that Bullymake sent a flavoured nylon toy. Last month featured a Peanut Butter Chewy Bar and this month’s toy has a natural hickory flavour. My dog seems to love these even more than regular nylon toys and he plays with them for much longer before moving on to a new toy. The T shape of this toy is also easy for him to grip and turn in different directions for optimal chewing.

Double Cheeseburger ($18) - This month’s rubber toy theme is very fitting for the season of barbecuing. It can be stuffed with treats to keep dogs active and engaged. My dog loves getting a new rubber toy each month since he is known for getting bored with the one he is using after a while or he misplaces it. The bright yellow shade of this month’s toy will make it easier to find if it rolls under the couch or coffee tables.

July 2018 Bullymake Box 2

True Dogs BBQ Chicken and Apple ($8) - These soft, grain free treats are perfect for stuffing the rubber cheeseburger toy. The main ingredients include pea flour, palm fruit oil, chicken, apple pomace, garbanzo flour, flaxseed, natural chicken flavouring, and molasses. My dog loves the flavour of these, and I am impressed by how well this month’s box captured the barbecue theme.

Bullymake Riblets ($9) - The Bullymake treats always have interesting textures and shapes. These ones are ribbed and firm fore chewing. The main ingredients include pea starch, pork liver, vegetable glycerine, potato starch, brewers dried yeast, carrageenan, and whey. My dog is excited to get these as a reward for waiting for his paws to be wiped after coming inside.

Bullymake Steaklets ($9) - These treats are not pictured because my dog could not wait for me to take photos and just had to try something. He’s a meat lover and went right for the steak! The main ingredients include beef, pea starch, tapioca starch, vegetable glycerin, yellow pea flour, carrageenan, meat protein isolate, and whey.

If your dog really loves a specific item from a monthly box, you can reorder it separately from the Bullymake Shop.

Overall, the July Bullymake box is very impressive, it contains a nice assortment of interactive toys and savoury treats. The barbecue theme is also a nice touch, and the box is a great value. For July, the total value of the box is over $60. I subscribed to Bullymake after my dog tried and loved the January Box (read my review HERE). We are both very happy that I decided to subscribe.

To learn more about Bullymake or to sign up for a subscription, click HERE.

Would your dog love a Bullymake box for this coming fall?

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