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January 2018 Bullymake Box

January 2018 Bullymake Box Review 1

There’s a basket of broken dog toys in my kitchen cupboard. Normally, I would throw a broken item away immediately, but these toys went from brand new to destroyed within five minutes, so I saved them with the intention of fixing them for my dog to enjoy again. If you have a large, strong dog like I do, you likely know the frustration of purchasing an “indestructible” toy, only for your dog to pull out the stuffing, break it in half, or swallow part of it the moment you take it out of the package.

The founders of Bullymake are Bulldog owners who realized that many different dog breeds were in need of more durable toys. Their solution was to create the Bullymake Box which is a subscription designed for power chewers that have an easy time destroying toys and treats.

Boxes contain 2-3 extremely tough chew toys and 3-4 all-natural treats. Toys are tested for durability on nearly every power chewing breed. Bullymake is very accommodating to its subscribers and truly stands behind its products. All toys have a 14-day guarantee and will be replaced with an even tougher toy for free if they are destroyed in this time period. The company also has a satisfaction guarantee, so if a dog does not enjoy a certain toy or treat, it will be replaced without the owner having to send it back or pay for shipping on the replacement. For dogs with beef, chicken, or grain allergies, Bullymake can customize boxes to cater to them and even offers a toys only option for those who cannot have treats at all. Boxes are also customized by dog size and can accommodate dogs from 10-200 pounds.

Boxes start at $39 per month. *Click HERE and use the code BULLYMAKE10 for $10 off your first box.* This could be a great Valentine’s Day gift for your favourite pup!

My dog, who is approximately 65 pounds, was lucky enough to try the January 2018 Bullymake Box*. Read on to see what he received.

January 2018 Bullymake Box Review 8

Here’s a quick look inside the box. I love that dog print paper.

January 2018 Bullymake Box Review 2

Each box comes with a card featuring a seasonally appropriate image, usually with at least one cute dog.

January 2018 Bullymake Box Review 3

The back of the card provides a detailed description of the included toys.

January 2018 Bullymake Box Review 7

This month’s box includes two strong toys that are made in the USA by Bullymake.

Pawsome Stick ($18) - This stick, with its unique ridge design to promote chewing interest, is for extreme chewers and is made with USA sourced nylon. This is the first item in the box that caught my dog’s eye. He loves to chew and I encourage this type activity since it keeps his teeth clean and healthy. I can also confirm that it is very durable. For the past week my dog has been carrying this toy around, chewing it often, and dropping it on the tile floor, but it still looks brand new.

Gear Toy ($17) - This toy is meant to be stuffed with large treats to keeps dogs busy. My dog has a lot of energy, so on days when it’s too cold for walks, I need to give him something to do to keep him active. This toy has been great since it’s very firm and takes a while for him to get the treats out. Even after the treats are gone, he plays with it for hours. I have purchased toys with a similar concept in the past, but they get destroyed easily unlike this one, made of durable rubber, which is almost like new after a week of daily use.

January 2018 Bullymake Box Review 6

This month’s box also comes with three different types of treats that are made in the USA with natural ingredients.

Bullymake Bison Bites ($9) - These treats are made with bison, bison liver, brown rice flour, honey, garlic, salt, and rosemary extract. While my dog does not discriminate against treats and loves every one that he has tried, I especially enjoy giving these to him because they are firm and encourage him to take the time to chew and savour the treat rather than just swallowing it without tasting it.

Bullymake Pork Fumbles ($9) - These pork treats are a bit smaller than the bison ones and are oval shaped but still firm to promote chewing. The main ingredients are pork, brown rice, pea starch, lentils, pecan hulls, tapioca syrup, vegetable glycerin, pork gelatine, garlic powder, and onion powder. My dog loves these as well.

January 2018 Bullymake Review 9

Industrial Dog Sprocket Treats ($8) - Produced for Bullymake, these treats are made with turkey, duck, chicken and sweet potatoes. They are also free of soy, corn, salt, sugar, wheat, artificial ingredients, and GMOs. They are a bit softer than the other two which makes the perfect for pushing into the gear toy. My dog loves the challenge of retrieving the treats and dances around with excitement as he watches me prepare the toy for him.

If your dog really loves a specific item from a monthly box, you can reorder it separately from the Bullymake Shop.

Overall, I am very impressed with the January Bullymake Box. My dog is able to use everything that he received, and I am confident that none of these items will end up in our box of broken toys. Aside from providing a useful service for strong dogs who love to chew, Bullymake is also a great value. For this month, the total value of the box is over $60. We have cats as well, but our dog’s treat and toy costs are much higher, so it’s always nice to save money while still providing him with healthy, fun, and entertaining items that he can enjoy for a long time.

To learn more about Bullymake or to sign up for a subscription, click HERE.

Would your dog love a Bullymake Box for Valentine’s Day?

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