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Bronkotux: A Natural Syrup for Cold & Flu Season

Bronkotux Review

Happy 2018, and welcome back to Writing Beauty!

Now that the holidays are over and I’ve settled into January, my focus is getting back to blogging on a regular basis. I have many exciting posts to share with you over the next twelve months, but I want to start off the year with a seasonally appropriate topic: winter colds and flus.

Whether you know someone who has been sick recently or you have been battling an illness yourself, you are probably well aware of all the germs floating around in this dry, icy air. The frustrating reality is that no matter how often we sanitize our hands, avoid those who are sick, and take care of our bodies, we can still catch a virus.

Often, our first strategy for treating symptoms is to go to the drugstore, stare at the large selection of medications in the cold and flu aisle, and finally (after lots of confusion and contemplation) choose a bottle of harsh-tasting syrup with a long list of ingredients that we can’t pronounce and hope it will make us feel well enough to get through the busy week.

Luckily, Herbasante, a family-owned Canadian company that specializes in natural and non-toxic remedies to improve health and well-being has created a syrup with natural ingredients to relieve symptoms of viruses we commonly contract in the winter. 

Bronkotux Syrup* is a natural alternative to fight infections caused by the common cold or the flu. It relieves uncomfortable symptoms related to respiratory illnesses with an ingredient called Umcka/Pelargonium, an antibacterial, antiviral, and immunomodulator that targets respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and sinusitis. As you can see from the photo below, the other components of this syrup are mainly herbal remedies and natural sweeteners and flavours.

Bronkotux Review 4

This combination of ingredients is meant to have a pleasant taste and reduce sore throat, relieve aches, lessen complications and duration of ear, nose, and throat infections, improve respiration and loosen congestion.

Since Mr. Writing Beauty and I have thankfully not been sick yet this winter (knock on wood), I have not had the opportunity to try this product and will not be including a review in this post. However, I wanted to share the information on this product for those of you who are in search of a natural product to have on hand during cold and flu season. I know that if I do encounter one of those pesky viruses, I will be trying this first and will be sure to post a full review with my experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about Bronkotux, you can click HERE or visit There’s also a Bronkotux Syrup for Kids!

Have you tried Bronkotux?

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