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Review: Kariderm Hair Care

Kariderm Hair Care Review

Now that we are entering the last full month of summer, it’s time to repair the damage that the scorching sun, salty water, drying chlorine, and warm wind has had on our hair.

Luckily, I have had the opportunity to try Kariderm’s hair care line that features products with clean and natural ingredients such as Argan Baobab and black cumin oil. They also include a high concentration of raw, unrefined shea butter which is a natural, anti-aging moisturizer that nourishes, fortifies, and illuminates hair.

All Kariderm products reflect efficiency and respect for both people and the environment as they are crafted with unrefined shea butter that is certified Organic and Fair Trade. Every Kariderm product sold includes royalties to the Social Fund which helps finance a healthcare protection program for women working to produce shea butter in rural Burkina Faso.

Not only do I feel good about using these hair care products due to their natural, clean ingredients, I also really appreciate the company’s efforts to ethically source their shea butter.

Read on for my review of these Kariderm products that are keeping my hair strong, healthy, and smooth during the hot summer months.

Hair Stimulator* - This unique and innovative product improves hair growth and resistance to styling damage by stimulating hair bulb activity with organic maca and red clover extracts. It naturally protects hair while making it more vibrant, healthier, and fuller. I was a bit hesitant to start using this product, which needs to be applied directly to the scalp, because I have a very sensitive scalp that is often irritated from new hair care products. Thankfully, I did not have a reaction to this product, and I am excited to keep using it as my hair is quite fine and would benefit from some extra fullness. I use this product by massaging it into my scalp about ten minutes before washing my hair. It is not greasy or oily, so it rinses clean without leaving behind any residue. Since it takes six weeks to achieve full results and I have only been using it for two, I look forward to seeing if I get any regrowth in the future.

Protective Shampoo* - I have tried a lot of natural shampoos to minimize scalp irritation, but they don’t always leave my hair feeling clean. This natural shampoo is definitely an exception as it rinses out completely, leaving my hair fresh and super clean. My hair even makes squeaky sounds while it’s still wet. Despite how clean it gets, it also feels very smooth and shiny. This shampoo is free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate, so it’s safe to use on my colour-treated hair, and it has an energizing citrusy scent.

Protective Conditioner* - This conditioner adds an extra dose of moisture after shampooing to seal in the cuticle for shiny, manageable hair. It’s enriched with Organic Shea Butter and Argan oil to add strength and softness. I find that it’s very easy to comb out my hair after using this conditioner, and my colour-treated hair looks extra vibrant and fresh.

Restorative Hair Mask* - This hair mask is a luxurious treatment for dry summer hair. The thick, creamy formula (see photo below), includes a combination of shea butter, Panama bark, and sage to regenerate, fight split ends, and deeply nourish. I like to use this product once a week to keep my hair in optimal condition. I apply it on clean, wet hair, and leave it on for 10 minutes. When I rinse my hair, it feels incredibly silky but not heavy. The scent of this product is a bit stronger and more herbal than the others, but it disappears once hair is dry.

Kariderm Fortifying Hair Mask Review

Overall, I am very impressed with Kariderm’s line of hair care products. They are natural, effective, and affordable. The shampoo and conditioner retail for under $12 each, and the specialty treatment products retail for under $35 each. The four-product set is also on sale at the moment on the Kariderm site for under $70. While I love all the products, my favourite is the shampoo since I love how it’s made of natural ingredients but still gets my hair completely clean. In addition to this hair care line, Kariderm has body and facial care products that I reviewed back in April (see my post on them by clicking HERE).

Kariderm products can be purchased at natural health food stores or online at

Which product from this post is your favourite?

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