Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Went Shoe Shopping!!!!

I have always had trouble finding nice pairs of heels. My feet are a bit wide and most pairs of pumps are often very narrow. Also, pumps are usually quite expensive and I can’t justify spending $70 on a pair of shoes that I won’t wear every day. For the past four years I have worn the same pair of mid-heel black pumps to work, nice dinners, business-casual events, etc. Aside from them, I have not owned another non-formal pair of heels…until now.
A few weeks ago, I passed by the Spring shoe store in my city and decided to take a look at the sale items. I came across a pair of cute brown pumps that were very affordable. The store did not have my size but ordered them for me from their store website ( When I picked them up they fit very well. I left the store eager to go home and search the Spring website for other great deals. I was surprised to find that the website’s return policy allows customers to return shoes that were purchased online to spring stores for a full refund. In the past I have avoided ordering shoes online because I did not want to have to worry about paying expensive return shipping fees if I did not like the shoes. Spring’s website also ships orders over $49 for free. If the order is less than $49 shipping starts at $5 which is not bad. If you don’t want to pay shipping costs, you can also go into a Spring store and have them order the shoes online for you for free. You pay for the shoes ahead of time at the store and the shoes arrive either at the Spring store for you to pick up or at your home address—whichever option you prefer.
In total, I purchased four pairs of pumps over the last month or so. A dark brown pair, a camel coloured pair, and a pink suede pair. I also purchased another pair of pink pumps from Wal-Mart.
*click photos to enlarge*
1. CARLA by George from Wal-Mart
Colour: Salmon/Rose
Size: 7 (normally I wear 7.5-8)
Original Price: $19
My Impressions: Normally shoes from Wal-Mart either hurt my feet or do not fit properly. These shoes are definitely an exception—they are comfortable and fit well. They are really in style for the season with their nudish-pink shade and glossy finish.
2. FOISY by Spring
Colour: Chocolate Brown
Size: 38 (normally I wear 7.5-8)
Original Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $17.98
My Impressions: I really like these shoes. They are well made and fit perfectly. I chose this colour because it is a nice change from the black shoes that I normally wear.
3. FOISY by Spring
Colour: Natural
Size: 38 (normally I wear 7.5-8)
Original Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $24.98
My Impressions: These shoes are exactly the same as the dark brown ones, aside from the colour of course, so I’m not sure why they are $5 more. That said, I really like these shoes as well and I think that they will match many different outfits.
4. JESMER by Spring
Colour: Light Pink
Size: 38 (normally I wear 7.5-8)
Original Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $24.98
My Impressions: I am not completely sure how I feel about these shoes. I actually had to order them twice because the first pair had some dirt marks and a dent in one of the heels. This next pair looks much better but, as you can see from the picture, the bottoms are very dirty. They were never worn by me so they must have collected the dirt while in the store. I think the suede fabric on the outside of the shoe as well as on the bottom collects lint and dirt. Even the pink exterior looks a bit dirty. I bought these shoes in addition to the Wal-Mart shoes because they were a different texture. These shoes are suede and may be more appropriate to wear in early spring or early fall. The pink ones from Wal-Mart will be more appropriate for summer months. The downside to suede shoes is that they get dirty very easily and need to be sprayed with protector frequently to prevent staining. At the moment I do not know if I will keep these shoes or return them. They are cute but they may not be practical. Either way, they were a good price.
*Bonus Pictures*
Since I’m showing my new shoes in this post, my cat wanted to show her paws Smile

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