Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lise Watier Eye Shine Metallic Eyeliner

For years I used pencil liners from the drugstore but was never satisfied with their performance. The liners were always hard and tugged on my lid, causing an un even line that was never close enough to my lashes.
Back in December I came across these Eye Shine liners from Lise Watier while shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM). The cosmetician recommended that I try  the colour Smokey Brown since I don’t like my liner to look too dark or harsh. At $17 CAD for .04 oz these liners are fairly expensive considering that they are sold at the drugstore. However, SDM is known for selling high end products despite its drugstore status.
Since SDM has a good return policy in terms of used cosmetics I decided to give the liner a chance and return it if I felt that it was not worth the money. After only one use the idea of returning this liner was no longer in my mind. In fact, I wanted to purchase it in more colours.
Unlike the pencil liners that I have tried in the past, this Eye Shine is incredibly smooth. It glides over the lid effortlessly creating an even line close to the lashes. It is soft and easy to smudge but not so soft that it will crumble. It has great staying power and lasts all day but is not hard to remove with makeup remover. It’s waterproof and contains Vitamin E which is good for your skin.
I like the metallic finish because it tones down the colour a bit and makes it look very natural. I am also very impressed by the colour because it is a chocolate brown with no red undertones. From what I understand, all pencils in this line have a metallic finish so if metallic isn’t your thing you may want to pass on these.
The only minor downside is that these pencils need to be sharpened which is a bit of a hassle at times.
That said, I plan to purchase the Purple and Marine Eye Shines in the near future because this product is definitely worth the money in my opinion.
Click here to find out where you can purchase Lise Watier in your country: http://lisewatier.ca/en/stores/index
My rating: 4.5/5
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