Thursday, March 31, 2011

Light Pink Polish for Spring: Zoya Marilyn

Marilyn is one of my current favourite light pink polishes for spring. Zoya describes this colour as a blue based cotton candy pink with a light metallic shimmer. Although it does not have a cream finish, Marilyn can look completely opaque with three coats. Because Marilyn is a light shade of pink, it matches with any outfit and even looks appropriate in a professional or office setting. This is currently my go-to colour on days when I can’t decide what to wear. It always looks nice and lasts for a long time without chipping.
What is your current favourite spring nail polish?
*click photo to enlarge*


  1. I want to see this in person! Looks so pretty. I just ordered "Dharma", another light pink plus a few of the Sunshine and Summer collection. Have you tried any of those yet?

  2. I'm having some camera troubles right now but I'm working on it and will hopefully be able to take pictures/film videos again by next week. Once I do I will take a picture of Marilyn on my nails. It really is a gorgeous colour :) I just checked out Dharma online and it looks really pretty! I love the duochrome. From the new collections I really want Areej and some of the other reds/pinks/purples. But I do not have any yet. Which ones did you order?

  3. I ordered Sooki, Kimmy, Rica, & Breezi from the new collection. Surprisingly into the reds....usually I am not, but they are so summery and cute! I also ordered Luna which is one of the older "Ultra Glitter" polishes. Can't wait to get them!

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  5. I like the baby pink color. It looks cute!

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