Monday, August 11, 2014

Madam Glam Nail Polish (Review + Swatches)

Today, I’m very excited to share a wonderful new nail polish brand with you. Madam Glam, based in the Fashion District in New York, is a French inspired line sold exclusively online. It offers around 100 glamorous colors from chic and sophisticated to more audacious and sassy.

As you can see from the polishes above, the Madam Glam line features colours in a range of shades, finishes, and formulas. From neons to glitters to pastels to nail care treatments, this brand has something for everyone. There’s even a selection of chic, rich, and trendy gold polishes that are perfect for the upcoming fall season.

All Madam Glam polishes are “five-free”, so they do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor. When on the Madam Glam site (, you can see an ingredients list for a polish by clicking on its picture—very convenient and reassuring for those of us who love polish but are trying to use beauty products with fewer harsh chemicals.  The best part is that Madam Glam polishes are cruelty-free so they are not tested on animals.

This online company also makes it easy for shoppers worldwide since free shipping is available for orders over $25, as well as free exchanges and returns.

To get a closer look at the polishes, to see what the colours look like on the nail, and to read my thoughts on each colour, check out the swatches, bottle pictures, and reviews below.

Show me the Ruby, Ladylike, Haute Couture, So Nude

Show me the Ruby is a vibrant ruby red shade that is opaque after just two coats. Although my camera makes this shade look a bit brighter than it is in real life, it is an exquisitely firey shade with a smooth formula. The cream finish makes it very bold yet versatile.

Ladylike looks similar to Show me the Ruby on the nails in the pictures, but it’s easy to see the difference between the two by looking at the bottles. Ladylike is a more muted, timeless shade that’s perfect for daily wear. It reminds me of In Stitches by Essie and Fifth Avenue by China Glaze which are two of my favourite polishes. This creamy shade looked flawless after two coats.

Haute Couture is a medium-toned nude shade. The warm base gives it a modern flair. This shade is perfect for work or an event that calls for chic attire. Although some nude shades can be quite sheer, this cream finish polish was opaque with only two coats.

So Nude is lighter than Haute Couture and has more of a neutral base. While it may look like your average nude polish upon first glance, So Nude is unique with its subtle splash of shimmer that can be seen on the nails when the polishes catches the light. Since the formula of this polish is a bit more sheer than the others, I’m wearing three coats of it in the swatch above.

Like a Princess, Pink Reptile, Flirty Mood, Angel Walk

Like a Princess is a shimmering light candy pink shade. Because of its beautiful shimmer, this polish stands out in my collection of cream finish pinks. It applies smoothly and is opaque after just two coats. On the nails it looks like pink satin fabric with its glossy sheen and dimension.

Pink Reptile has one of the most unique finishes that I have seen in a nail polish. It almost produces the marbled effect that occurs when oil mixes with water. The combination of the sheer pink base with the swirls of golden shimmer is perfect for giving the nails a sweet glow. The swatch above features three coats of Pink Reptile.

Flirty Mood is my favourite of the bunch. You need to try this polish to understand why I love it so much. Unlike the typical nude polish, Flirty Mood is completely opaque in just one coat! And, despite the fact that I have a few pastel purple cream polishes already, this one is unique since the shade is more white than purple. It gives the nails an effortlessly clean and modern look that would look great for daily wear or even a wedding because the subtle purple tint makes it soft and wearable.

Angel walk is a white pearl shade with gold undertones. I used only two coats of this polish. The shimmer is ethereal and the shade reminds me of one of my favourite eyeshadows from Bare Minerals called White Gold. It’s the perfect polish to wear when you are in the mood for something white with a bit of added glamour.

Honey Cream, Green Watermelon, Cashmere Party, Quick Dry

Honey Cream is my ideal shade of gold polish because it is truly golden rather than yellow, and the gold sparkles make it luxurious and dazzling like a piece of fine jewellery. After only two coats, this shade is easily opaque. It’s soft finish prevents the shine from being too dramatic, making this polish very classy and wearable.

Green Watermelon is a very refreshing shade for someone like me who does not think to wear green polishes often. With its mix of mint and apple, this green tone can complement many skin tones. I really enjoy the formula of this cream polish as it jelly-like and glossy. I used two coats in the photo above.

Cashmere Party is a classy grey shade that glows like a string of grey pearls. The subtle shimmer makes this shade very wearable and not at all stark or harsh like some grey creams. It’s quite opaque with one coat, but I applied two for a more finished look.

The last bottle (clear purple) is a Quick Dry product that really does help the polishes dry faster. It makes them look even more glossy and also leaves the cuticles looking healthier and less dry. 
Overall, I am very impressed with the Madam Glam line. It boasts many beautiful shades that are unique, fashion-forward, and accommodating to polish lovers with a range of different styles and tastes. The fact that most of the polishes require minimal coats means that application is easier and drying time is faster. They also dry to a naturally glossy finish. In fact, I am not wearing a top coat in any of the pictures in this post.

While I love all the shades that I have tried, my favourites are Like a Princess, Pink Reptile, Flirty Mood, Cashmere Party, and Honey Cream. While So Nude and Flirty Mood are currently out of stock, the company is currently remaking them and will advertise by email and on instagram (@madam_glam) when they are back in stock.

Have you tried Madam Glam polishes? Which shade is your favourite?

*Although the products mentioned in this post were sent for review purposes, all opinions expressed are honest and are my own*


  1. These look SO pretty :-D Definitely want to try out a couple of shades now

    Christine, x

  2. They have a quality look, I love the Cashmere Party, and Ladylike.