Friday, August 22, 2014

Wake up to Better Hair

With fall just around the corner, many of us will be preparing to get up earlier for school, work, and other activities that begin in September. This means that we will have less time to do our hair in the morning. For this reason, the mattress experts at Casper ( have asked me to share some hair preserving tips in honour of their “Own Your Bed Head” project. While they specialize in making comfortable mattresses, they don’t know how to fix bed head. That’s why they have reached out to beauty bloggers to share their tips and tricks for waking up to better hair.
Here are my top five tips.

1. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase – This is my first and best tip. I have been doing it for years and my hair looks so much better in the morning. It’s smoother, frizz free, tangle free, dent free, and static-free. Also, sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase is good for preventing wrinkles around the eyes and those pillowcase lines on the face.Wash your pillowcase every few days to avoid any product build-up. For an inexpensive set, I recommend checking ebay.

2. Don’t go to bed with wet or damp hair – If you go to bed with damp hair, it will dry with little dents based on the way that you sleep on it. I recommend drying your hair at least a few hours before bed and making sure that it is completely dry. This is especially important for those of you with straight hair who want to wake up to smooth and manageable hair.

3. If you are going to bed with damp hair, braid your hair before bed – Instead of waking up to random dents, wake up to soft waves instead. On days when I want a breezy, effortless look, I wash my hair a couple hours before bed, spray it with a bit of texturizing spray, and braid it when it’s close to being dry. If you don’t wash your hair before bed, you can also just wet it a bit with water before braiding. The next morning, when someone asks what you did to get those beautiful waves, just say, “It was like this when I woke up.” Also, if you are planning to curl your hair in the morning, sleeping in a braid is a good idea (even when your hair is dry) because it will allow you to wake up with some texture and grip that will make the curling process faster and help your curls last longer.

4. Use dry shampoo before bed – If greasy, limp hair is your problem, apply dry shampoo before bed instead of in the morning. It will have the entire night to absorb grease and add volume. Just brush out  the excess when you wake up.

5. Sleep with your hair in a bun to preserve curls – To make your curls last an extra day, wind your hair into a bun before bed. Try to wind it in the direction of your curls and pin it up high enough so that you can sleep comfortably. Doing this will keep your curls intact and prevent any unwanted frizz.
What are your tips for avoiding bed head?

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