Monday, May 4, 2015

My New Blog Design and Features

You may have noticed by now that got a new look. If you haven’t been reading my blog since the beginning, you may not know that this isn’t its first makeover.

When I started blogging back in February 2011 I had very little design skills and was not at all familiar with the mechanics of blogger. Instead of trying to create a unique design by myself, I downloaded a template that I felt had a classy look and a simple colour scheme. It looked like this.

Blog header 5

After using the template for a few months, I not only began to feel that it didn’t fully capture the beauty theme of my blog, but I also noticed that many technical issues were arising on my blog due to the layout. Eventually, I went on the search for a designer who could help me achieve the design I was looking for and found Ana from Peaches & Cream Designs. I had a wonderful experience with her that resulted in a beautiful pink and grey design that looked like this.

Screen Shot 2015 04 21 at 12 20 32 AM

I have a previous post that outlines the entire design process HERE if you are interested. I really loved this design (and still do), but after a few years I thought it was time for something new, so I got in touch with Ana and told her what I was looking for this time. I wanted something with a bit more white space so that my photos would not have to compete with a colourful background, a design that would include shades of black, grey, and mint (my favourite colour!), features to showcase recent or favourite posts, and a menu bar that would be more reader-friendly. As you can see from my new blog design, Ana incorporated everything that I was looking for. She also helped me learn how to use the new features, since, even after all these years, I’m still not an expert when it comes to blogger. If you are looking for a blog designer, I definitely recommend checking out

I hope that you enjoy all the new features of my blog. If you like reading nail-related posts, the Nails tab offers Nail of the Day posts that include photos of nail swatches and reviews of polishes that I have tried from a range of different brands, Nail Art posts that feature pictures of my nail art designs and instructions for recreating them, Nail Polish Favourites that include pictures of polishes that I have enjoyed during specific seasons, and Nail How TOs that give nail-care and nail design tips.

Next is the Beauty tab which focuses on other aspects of beauty such as makeup and hair. In this tab, you will find posts on Makeup How TOs, Makeup Favourites, and Hair How TOs. As I add more content to my blog, I will add more categories.

My Giveaways tab is still in its usual spot. I will be hosting some giveaways soon with pink and grey beauty prizes to introduce my new design and honour my former pink and grey design.

The Recipes tab is still there is well, but I have reorganized it into categories to make it easier to find certain types of recipes, including Desserts, Snacks, Breakfast, and Lunch/Dinner.

I have also added categories to my Reviews tab. The first is Subscription Boxes. If you are a regular reader, you will know that I review a few subscription boxes each month. To keep everything organized, I have separated this category into Beauty Boxes, Nail Polish Boxes, Food Boxes, Pet Boxes, and Lifestyle Boxes. Aside from Subscription Boxes, the Reviews tab also includes the following categories: Makeup, Nails, Hair, Skincare, Fragrance, and Fashion.

While it took quite a while to filter all my posts into these new tabs and categories, I really enjoyed the process as it allowed me to rediscover former posts that I had forgotten about. It brought me back to my first days of blogging and reminded me of why I started this blog in the first place—to literally put beauty to words.

I hope that you will continue to join me on this beauty blogging journey and enjoy the new blog design and features.

~Beauty Writer


  1. Wow I love your new blog look! It is so pretty and wishing you a lot of success and happiness with it!
    Julie xo

  2. Very beautiful design! Ana really put everything you love together perfectly. Love the mint color as well!

    ★ ★

  3. Loved the new design,... Loving the white and mint color,...