Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nail Art Flashback: Chanel Inspired Nails

Chanel Inspired Nail Art 3

Here’s another one of my nail designs from the past. I created this one back in 2012 in collaboration with Born Pretty Store. The company sent me their Chanel Inspired Jewels* in order to create a nail look. The deep purple base colour is China Glaze’s VIII, and the silver polish is Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Black Pearl. I used Konad image plate m79 to create the quilted pattern.

Chanel Inspired Nail Art 1

As far as I know, the Chanel jewels that I used are no longer available, but the site sells many other nail art products, jewellery, accessories, hair products, makeup, home items, and clothing that you can save 10% on with the code BEAUTY4K31.

Chanel Inspired Nail Art 4

What do you think of these Chanel Inspired nails?

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