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March 2017 Bakers Krate

March 2017 Baker s Krate 1

There’s no better way to start the weekend than with something sweet! The dessert lover in me has been eager to share this post with you since the March 2017 Baker’s Krate* arrived in my mailbox.

If you are unfamiliar with Bakers Krate, it’s a subscription box featuring hand-crafted gourmet baked goods produced by Canadian dessert experts. The Bakers Krate team searches for Canada’s best desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth so that you can enjoy local tastes and delicacies in the comfort of your own home. Each monthly box contains at least six fresh baked goods such as cake pops, pie jars, cookies, dessert squares, and more made by Canadian artisans. Each item in the box is packaged well to guarantee freshness.

Subscriptions are $19.99 per month plus $9.99 shipping across Canada. You can save a bit each month by signing up for a three month or six month plan, and you will receive the current month’s box if you sign up before the 20th of the month. There are options to skip a month and cancel at any time. You can also send Bakers Krate as a gift. I have done this a few times for friends who are living away from home for work or school, and they always love receiving a surprise box of delicious gourmet treats.

For the month of March, Bakers Krate sent its subscribers a St. Patrick’s Day-themed box that features sweet sprinkles of green, buttery crumbles of gold, and a little chocolate for extra luck.

Read on for my review of this month’s decadent desserts.

March 2017 Baker s Krate 3

Each box comes with two information cards. One includes a description, an ingredients list, as well as an expiry date for each dessert, and the other provides interesting background information on the bakeries that created each item. The ingredients list for each dessert is very short and free of preservatives which shows that everything is fresh and handmade.

March 2017 Baker s Krate 4

Here’s a little sneak peek at what’s inside the box. As you can see, everything is individually wrapped and well packaged for freshness and to prevent damage during shipping. Look at that beautiful combination of greens and golds!

March 2017 Baker s Krate 5
March 2017 Baker s Krate 6

Florentine (Heather’s Bakery Cafe, Georgetown, ON,

With almond brittle on one side and rich, creamy chocolate on the other, this little bar that looks like a work of art is crisp, chewy, sweet, and incredibly satisfying. It’s like a sophisticated chocolate bar for adults and one of my favourites in this month’s box.

March 2017 Baker s Krate 7

Skor Cookie Bar (Black Walnut Bakery Cafe, London, ON,

This vanilla and toffee infused cookie bar is covered with melted chocolate and sprinkled with Skor bits. The cookie part is absolutely perfect with its buttery (almost fudgy) consistency that reminds me of the cookie bits in cookie dough ice cream without the chocolate chips. The creamy chocolate layer and chewy Skor bits add another level of decadence that make this dessert the perfect treat for those who love cookies but want to try something a bit unique.

March 2017 Baker s Krate 8

Coco Coconut Pie-in-a-Jar (Itty Bitty Pie Company, St. Catharines, ON,

How cute is this little jar of pie? With its flaky crust, sweet golden filling, and unique coconut flavour, this tiny treat is like a modern butter tart for those who love comfort food but want to explore tastes that are all the rage in the foodie community. It’s the perfect complement to a hot tea or coffee on a cool spring evening.

March 2017 Baker s Krate 9

PB Rice Krispy Square (Leah’s Bakery, Toronto, ON,

For the peanut butter and chocolate lovers, this dessert is an extra special version of that rich and creamy combination that makes you smile. With its extra dose of marshmallows, crisp rice, and perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter flavours, this square is soft, chewy, and deliciously satisfying.

March 2017 Baker s Krate 10

St. Patrick’s Day Cake Pop (The Wooden Spoon, Mount Forest, ON,

This festive cake pop, with its pretty splash of green glitter, cute shamrock sprinkle, and creamy white chocolate shell, is the first dessert that caught my eye when I opened this month’s box. Inside is a mixture of chocolate cake and chocolate icing with a rich, fudgy consistency that’s almost truffle-like. This is definitely the most flavourful and decadent cake pop that I have ever tried, and I’m now considering making a trip to Mount Forest, ON for more.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the March Bakers Krate. It includes a great variety of hand-crafted desserts that are all bakery-quality and delicious. I like how the box includes something for everyone, whether you are a cookie lover, a cake lover, a pie lover, a bar lover, or a general dessert lover (that last one is me!). I also love how I didn’t have to leave my home to try freshly-made baked goods from bakeries across Canada and discover the unique talents and creations of Canadian artisans in cities beyond where I live. While I truly enjoyed each of the desserts in this month’s box, the standouts for me were the Florentine, the Skor Cookie Bar, and the St. Patrick’s Day Cake Pop. Which desserts were your favourite?

If, like me, dessert is your favourite meal of the day, you may want to check out the Bakers Krate Instagram ( since they regularly post photos of decadent desserts and other sweet treats.

To learn more about Bakers Krate or to sign up for your own box, click HERE.

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