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April 2018 Bullymake Box + Coupon Code

January 2018 Bullymake Box Review 1

The April Bullymake Box features exciting products to keep dogs entertained in the spring. Where I live, spring includes a random assortment of hot, cold, and pleasant days, so I am especially thankful to have Bullymake on hand for times when it’s too cold or too rainy to take my large, energetic dog for a walk.

If you are unfamiliar with Bullymake, it is a dog subscription box designed for power chewers that have an easy time destroying toys and treats. Boxes contain 2-3 extremely tough chew toys and 3-4 all natural treats. Toys are tested for durability on nearly every power chewing breed to ensure the highest quality. Boxes are customized by dog size for dogs from 10-200 pounds.

Bullymake is very accommodating to its subscribers and truly stands behind its products. All toys have a 14-day guarantee and will be replaced with an even tougher toy for free if they are destroyed in this time period. The company also has a satisfaction guarantee, so if a dog does not like a certain toy or treat, it will be replaced without the owner having to send it back or pay for shipping on the replacement. For dogs with beef, chicken, or grain allergies, Bullymake can customize boxes to cater to them and even offers a toys-only option for dogs who cannot have treats at all.

Boxes start at $39 per month. *Click HERE and use the code BULLYMAKE10 for $10 off your first box.*

Read on to see what my dog received in the April box.

April 2018 Bullymake Box Review and Coupon Code 1

Here’s a quick look inside the box. I love all those pretty colours for spring.

April 2018 Bullymake Box Review and Coupon Code 2

Each box comes with a card featuring a seasonally appropriate dog image on the front and a detailed description of the included toys on the back.

April 2018 Bullymake Box Review and Coupon Code 5

This month’s box includes two strong toys that are made in the USA.

Bullymake Pawpeller ($18) - This toy is uniquely shaped and made from American sourced nylon to promote interest and clean teeth. While my dog is not opposed to having his teeth brushed with poultry-flavoured toothpaste, he much prefers keeping his teeth clean with this toy instead. It has been his favourite since he received it in April and he has hardly made a scratch on it. He likes to take it in the back yard and chew on it while enjoying the sun.

USA K9 Pawnade ($17) - This is another one of my dog's current favourite toys. I stuff it with treats and it keeps him occupied on days when a walk is not possible due to poor weather conditions. I have found that varying the types of treats I use makes it seem like a new toy each time. Despite his tough chewing, this toy is very durable and still looks new after a month of use.

April 2018 Bullymake Box Review and Coupon Code 3

Bullymake Quack Tenders ($9) - These treats are made with duck, turkey, vegetable glycerine, and rosemary extract. They are large, flat treats that are easy to rip into smaller pieces for stuffing rubber toys. I like that they are made of simple, minimal ingredients, are easy for my dog to chew and digest, and don’t leave a greasy film on my hands.

Bullymake Peanut Butter Dog Rations ($8) - While my dog does not discriminate when it comes to treats, one of his favourite flavours is peanut butter, so these treats have been well enjoyed. Their main ingredients include peanut flour, pea flour, palm fruit oil, tapioca flour, flaxseed meal, and molasses. Since they have a soft texture, I like to put them in the Pawnade for my dog to play with. He loves the challenge of retrieving them, especially when he gets to take on this task while outside in the sun.

April 2018 Bullymake Box Review and Coupon Code 4

Dogs Love Snapeas Treat ($8) - If I’m being honest, I was tempted to try one of these myself. They are gluten free and made of healthy ingredients such as peas, brown rice, dehydrated chicken, and sunflower oil. They also feel light and fluffy like the savoury snacks that I often reach for myself. I decided not to try them but was a bit jealous as my dog crunched away with enjoyment.

If your dog really loves a specific item from a monthly box, you can reorder it separately from the Bullymake Shop.

Overall, I am very impressed with the April Bullymake Box. It includes an assortment of engaging toys and treats that will keep my dog happy and entertained through the spring. It is also a great value. For this month, the total value of the box is $60. I subscribed to Bullymake after my dog tried and loved the January Box (read my review HERE). It was a great decision since it allows me to save money while still providing him with healthy, interactive items that he can enjoy for a long time.

To learn more about Bullymake or to sign up for a subscription, click HERE.

Would your dog love a Bullymake Box for summer?

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