Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 2015 Bowzer Box (Review + Discount Code)

I have a special post for you today. It’s not beauty related, but it’s inspired by a topic that is very important to me: pets. Although I like to think of myself as a cat lady, I love all pets and have a dog of my own. I like to see my pets happy and enjoying life, so I was very excited when presented with the opportunity to try Bowzer Box, a Canadian subscription service that delivers dog products monthly. Items range from full size toys and wheat free treats to samples and coupons from dog-friendly brands. Bowzer Box chooses items to include that are healthy and safe for dogs. Most come from Canada and the USA.

What I really love about Bowzer Box is that 10% of its profits go to animals in need. The donations are for all different types of animals, not just dogs. This is very close to my heart as I have adopted pets from shelters, so I have had the chance to see how pets waiting for forever homes live and how they are in need of any extra resources available.  I like that purchasing a Bowzer Box not only provides your dog with a fun monthly treat, but it also helps brighten another animal’s day.
The boxes are customized based on the size of your dog. I chose the large box because my dog is over 50 pounds. Plans begin as low as $23 and you can sign up for a 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month plan. *You can also save 10% with the code DOGS10.*

The January 2015 large dog box features products that encourage your dog to get out of bed and enjoy the morning.

The first item is a Blueberry Crunch Bar from Snicky Snaks (Illinois, USA). This all natural organic bar, wrapped in recycled packaging, contains USDA certified ingredients. My dog was given this as a Sunday breakfast treat. He really enjoyed it and asked for more when he was finished. Retail: $4. 


Next is a Pro Bloom Instant Goat’s Milk probiotic supplement from The Honest Kitchen (San Diego, CA). It contains digestive enzymes and is ideal for general immune support at the gut level. Since he was a puppy, our dog has always had digestive issues. Next time he isn’t feeling well, I will try this out to see if it helps. I like how it works for cats as well. Retail: $2.

There’s nothing that my dog loves more than treats. These chewy Banana Strawberry Yogurt Drops from Smoochers (Milwaukee, WI) are wheat, corn, and soy free, which is perfect for a dog like mine who is prone to allergies. He loves these treats and looks forward to them as a reward for allowing his paws to be wiped after coming in from outside and being gentle with the kitties. Retail: $10.

Also on my dog’s list of favourites is chewy snacks like this Chicken and Bacon Strip from Tucker’s (Wisconsin, USA). My dog’s ideal afternoon involves going for a walk and then lounging on his pillow in front of the television while chewing on a meaty treat. This one, made with USA/Canadian chicken breast kept him happy and occupied. Retail: $3.

In this house, we take oral hygiene very seriously and that includes our pets’ teeth too. While we brush our dog’s teeth about once a week with an enzymatic toothpaste, we like to give him dental chews in between brushings to keep his teeth extra clean. He really enjoyed this Dental Chew from Whimzees (Holland, NL). Made with all natural ingredients, its vegetable-based texture removes plaque and tartar with chewing. Retail: $4-5. 

This last item, a Canvas Newspaper toy from Ethical Pet (Bloomfield, NJ), was my dog’s favourite product in this month’s box. Before I could even have a look inside the box, he pushed his head in and pulled out this toy. It makes a crinkly noise when squeezed and there’s also a squeaker inside. I had to negotiate with him to get it back so that I could take a picture for this post. Aside from the fact that my dog loves this toy, I’m very impressed with it because of how well made it is. The seams are very sturdy (my dog has been playing with it for a few days and still hasn’t ruined it) and the realistic, yet dog-themed, newspaper article print is cute and entertaining.

Overall, My dog and I are very impressed with the January 2015 large dog Bowzer Box. We enjoyed the unique assortment of products that are safe and healthy for dogs. There are very few pet stores where we live, so it was nice to receive different products that we don’t see everyday. It was very exciting for my dog.

If you are interested in trying Bowzer Box, click here to sign up. You can also use the discount code DOGS10 for 10% off.   

Does your dog receive Bowzer Box? What are his/her thoughts on this month’s box?

*Although this complimentary box was sent for review purposes, all opinions expressed are honest and are my own. This post contains referral links.*

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