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Review: Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care

Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care Review 1

Today, I’m very excited to share a review of a wonderful Canadian brand called Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care. This maritime company, owned by Les and Uncle Perly, produces products that are free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics, SLS, and animal testing. The company also includes local organic kelp in all its products to promote anti-aging, soothe dry skin, reduce redness, and remove bacteria. In addition to using quality ingredients, this company also supports local communities and helps protect its beautiful landscape by providing employment in rural Nova Scotia and donating a portion of each sale to the Nature Conservatory of Canada.

Nova Scotia Fisherman’s line of Xtreme Skin Care includes products to nourish the hands, body, and lips. When I opened the lovely package that the company sent me, I couldn’t get enough of the wonderful scent that filled the air—a soothing combination of mint with a hint of lemon that creates the atmosphere of a relaxing day spa.

Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care Fundy Clay  Mint Soap Review

The Fundy Clay & Mint Soap* is responsible for the amazing scent. And how cute is the little fisherman imprint on it?

This cold process soap is hand-poured and infused with powerful Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, Kaolin Clay, and Mint. It’s also vegan, and gluten free. When I used it on my skin, it felt cool, refreshing, and rejuvenating. My skin was left clean, freshly scented, and moisturized, and the energizing aroma helped me feel ready for the day. This product also comes in other scents like Apple Cider, Seabuckthorn & Shea, and Sea Fennel & Bayberry. The Apple Cider is on my holiday wish list!

Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care Naturally Moisturizing Hand  Body Cream Review

Next is the Naturally Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream*. It’s a vegan lotion that’s infused with Nova Scotia Sea Kelp and made from plant and tree derived oils and skin friendly botanical extracts.

I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this product since my skin is very sensitive and doesn’t react well to the dry, cold winds that blow through Canada around this time of year. It’s been especially nice to use on my dry hands and feet before bed so that I can wake up to smooth skin. Although it has a lighter texture, this lotion provides long-lasting moisturization and is completely non-greasy which is a must for me since I can’t stand having greasy hands. It’s not as strongly scented as the soap but smells like a warm cup of herbal tea. Other scent options include Seabuckthorn & Shea and Sea Fennel & Bayberry.

Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care Cuticle Rescue Review

As a nail blogger and someone who loves to keep their nails looking neat and polished at all times, I would say that this last product is my favourite. The Cuticle Rescue* works as a multivitamin for cuticles with its seabuckthorn, kelp, and Vitamin C formula that encourages collagen production and softens and moisturizes skin.

I’ve been keeping this product with me at all times to use before bed and when I come in from the cold to keep my cuticles healthy. It has also been a big help now that I’ve been getting gel polish applied often at a salon and have been more prone to hangnails and peeling skin around my nails. It has a very light, slightly sweet herbal scent.

Overall, I am very impressed with this unique Canadian skin care brand. Not only are the products made of natural, quality ingredients, they are also very affordable. Each product that I reviewed has a retail value under $12! These items would be great stocking stuffers and I highly recommend Nova Scotia Fisherman for anyone looking to try products that are good for your skin, authentically Canadian, and created by a company that cares for the community and the environment.

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What’s your favourite Nova Scotia Fisherman product?

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