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Review: Joa Bath & Body Products

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As 2016 comes to an end, I’m excited to share my thoughts on a delightful Canadian body care company that I was introduced to this year.

Joa Bath & Body is a line of body care products that are not only luxurious but also good for sensitive skin. It all started when Cindy, the company’s owner set out to create soap that wouldn’t irritate her children’s sensitive skin. Family and friends became interested in her soap and soon a company was born. Now Joa creates a range of natural, quality products with simple ingredients that include soaps, hand and body moisturizers, bath bombs, body scrubs, and lip balms.

As someone who has suffered from the effects of sensitive skin from childhood, I couldn’t wait to try out Cindy’s products to see if they would work for me. Read on for my experiences with a soap, a body scrub, and a bath bomb from Joa.

Joa Bath  Body Review Wholesome Bath Soap

First is the Wholesome Bath Soap*. This is the very first product that Cindy created and it’s ideal for sensitive skin since it’s free of essential oils. Instead, it includes honey to moisturize the skin and oatmeal to gently exfoliate. Other ingredients include water, saponified soybean oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, castor oil, and beeswax

I love the creamy, sweet scent of this bar and the soothing lather it creates on the skin. It’s been especially helpful for me during the winter since it cleans my skin but also softens and calms it. Since it’s been cold outside I’ve been taking rather hot showers which can irritate my skin, but I have not had any trouble since using this soap. It also helped me out on a day when I ran out of shaving cream and needed something to put on my legs to prevent any cuts or razor burn. For me, this soap worked just as well as any shaving cream that I’ve tried.

In addition to this oatmeal-honey soap, Joa carries five other soap varieties including chocolate, cranberry, lavender, lavender-vanilla, and unscented.

Joa Bath  Body Review Delightful Scrub

This next product was especially exciting for me to try since it’s one of the company’s brand new scrubs. The Delightful Scrub* is a combination of sugar to smooth out rough spots and softening oils to hydrate skin.

If you love the scent of cranberries, this scrub is for you. When I first opened the jar, I was amazed by how much it smelled like a sweet yet tart glass of fresh cranberry juice. The smell lingered on my skin all day and left my bathroom deliciously scented for hours after my shower.

Aside from the scent, one of the best aspects of this product is the way that it exfoliates while providing a significant amount of hydration. I love sugar scrubs since they provide thorough exfoliation without the use of plastic beads that can be harmful to the environment. I’ve noticed that some sugar scrubs can feel too rough on sensitive skin and create a drying effect, but that was not the case with this one. It was effective yet gentle and I didn’t even need a moisturizer after using it since its soothing oils left my skin feeling as though I had already applied a body oil. Be careful though, it can leave the tub a bit slippery.

The company also carries a sea pearl scrub and a sandalwood & amber scrub.

Joa Bath  Body Review Serenity Bath Bomb

Last is the Serenity Bath Bomb*, a blend of detoxifying salts and oils that soften the skin. Ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sunflower oil, sodium chloride, witch hazel, green clay, and fragrance.

This cute little half sphere is scented with green tea to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. I used it after a long day of standing in a pair of heels and was treated to a much-needed spa-like experience. Just watching it fizz in the bath water before I got in helped release some tension from the day.

I soaked in the tub with this bath bomb for about 30 minutes and came out with soft, soothed, and de-puffed skin and feet. I’ve decided that I need to use bath bombs more often and plan to try Joa’s three other versions.

Overall, I am very impressed with Joa Bath & Body products. Cindy has created a natural, luxurious body care line that even those with sensitive skin can enjoy. The products are effective yet affordable and each cost less than $25. I highly recommend Joa products for anyone in search of good quality, gentle products that provide a spa-like experience for all skin types, as well as those looking to try Canadian-made products. I’ve definitely learned this year that Canada has a lot of local beauty and skin care companies that are worth exploring.

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