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January 2016 Bakers Krate Review

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 1

As a dessert lover, I can’t tell you how excited I am to share today’s post on Bakers Krate, a subscription box featuring hand crafted gourmet baked goods produced by Canadian dessert experts.

Each box contains at least six fresh baked goods such as cake pops, cake jars, cookies, dessert squares, and more made by local bakeries in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Subscriptions are $19.99 per month plus $9.99 shipping. You can save a bit each month by signing up for a three month or six month plan, and receive 15% off your first box with the coupon code 2016. If you sign up before the 20th of the month, you will receive the current month’s box. I like how you have the option of upgrading, skipping a month, or cancelling at any time if you choose to.

You can also send Bakers Krate as a gift. After all, who wouldn’t want to find a box of sweet treats in their mailbox?

At the moment, Bakers Krate ships across Canada only but is currently running a kickstarter fund me campaign to open its doors to customers in the United States. Click HERE to sign up and help Bakers Krate spread the sweetness stateside.

Now, let’s talk about the January box*.

The securely packaged box is complete with a menu card, a list of ingredients, and a fork. You know that the the products are made fresh because the menu card includes best before dates for each item. I had about two weeks to try the desserts before these dates, but of course I finished them long before that.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 2

All items are individually wrapped and well packaged for their journey across the country.

January 2016 bakers krate review 15

Here’s a sneak peek at January's treats.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 3

Goodies Bake Shop Chocolate Chunk Cookie 

This is the first dessert that I tried. If you have ever visited the Dessert Recipes section on my blog, you probably noticed that I love cookies. They are my favourite type of dessert (aside from cake which we will talk about soon) and my most-baked type of recipe. This particular cookie has a deliciously sweet flavour. It’s crunchy yet moist and very satisfying for a cookie lover.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 4

The chocolate drizzle is a nice touch.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 5

Can we take a moment to appreciate how large these chocolate chips are?

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 6

Goodies Bake Shop Classic Date Square

Classically Canadian, this dessert bar features pureed dates sandwiched between two layers of buttery oatmeal crumb crust. I had never tried dates until I received this bar and I now know that I was missing out. The combination of the moist, buttery crust and the sweet, chewy layer of dates is perfection.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 7

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 8

Cake-ology Marble Mocha Cake Jar

Although cookies will always be my first dessert love, this cake is my favourite item in this month’s box. Just the experience of eating cake out of a jar with a little wooden fork is enough to make this item extra exciting. The marbled cake base is incredibly moist and the rich, creamy mocha icing with a hint off coffee adds a decadent dimension to the overall flavours in the jar. The chocolate sprinkles give a nice texture.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 11

The icing even looks creamy.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 12

Goodies Bake Shop Florentine Bar 

This bar begins with a layer of buttery shortbread topped with dried fruits and nuts. This is one of the richest, sweetest items in the box. The combination of nuts and shortbread make for an interesting mix of textures and flavours. The nut layer is chewy, yet crunchy, and the shortbread melts in your mouth. It’s similar to a butter tart without the soft filling in the middle.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 9

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 10

Desserts Plus Peanut Butter Cherries

Unwrapping these peanut butter and chocolate covered cherries is like walking into a fancy chocolate shop. They look and smell like decadent hand-crafted chocolates. Sweet maraschino cherries are wrapped in a creamy peanut butter layer and coated with good-quality milk chocolate. They’re a peanut butter lover’s dream. It’s nice to have more than one.

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 13

How pretty are those gold-flecked sprinkles?

January 2016 Bakers Krate Review 14

Overall, the January Bakers Krate was very impressive. This was my first time trying a Bakers Krate box and my expectations were exceeded. Not only did all the baked goods arrive fresh, they were also well packaged and unique. I like that there was an assortment of different baked goods to appeal to many different tastes. While my favourites were the cake and the cookie, I enjoyed trying everything and got some great ideas for ingredients to experiment with in my own kitchen.

To sign up for your own box, click HERE. To help Bakers Krate extend its subscriptions to the United States, click HERE.

What was your favourite baked good in this month’s box?

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