Monday, February 22, 2016

NOTD: Essie Peak Show

Essie Peak Show Swatch and Review

With winter lingering around for another month or so, I thought it was the perfect time to write a review of one of the polishes released this season.

Peak Show is part of Essie’s Virgin Snow Winter 2015 Collection. It’s described as a scenic powder pink. While I don’t know how pink can be scenic, I do think that if snow was pink, it would look like Peak Show since this polish is almost more white than pink. In certain lights, Peak Show looks off-white, but it doesn’t wash out my skin like other off-white shades do. It gives a very clean, classic look.

I have a few other pale pink polishes from Essie, so I will explain how Peak Show compares. First, let’s talk about my absolute favourite Essie Polish: Fiji. While Fiji is one of the lighter pink Essie polishes that I own, it’s more pink than Peak Show and has a slight hint of lavender whereas Peak Show is more of a neutral pink. East Hampton Cottage has more white in it like Peak Show but it contains shimmer and Peak Show is a cream. East Hampton Cottage is also more sheer. Romper Room is more peach than Peak Show. So, while I do have other pink Essie polishes, I feel as though I need Peak Show in my collection as well because it is unique with its strong white base.

Something else that sets Peak Show apart from the others is its formula. Many pinks from Essie are sheer, but this polish is surprisingly opaque. I could have easily gotten away with two coats but added a third coat for the photo above since it felt more finished. It’s a bit thicker than some of my other polishes, but does not take any longer to dry and is fairly easy to work with.

Overall, I recommend Peak Show for those who are looking for a pale shade that’s flattering and versatile for everyday wear.


  1. Essie has such pretty pink shades! Have a lovely day :)

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