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Vanilla Mint Poo-Pourri Review

Vanilla Mint Poo Pourri review 1

No, that beautiful bottle in the photo above does not contain a designer fragrance, a luxurious body lotion, or a professional hair elixir, but after reading this post you may consider it your next must-have product.

Our friends over at Nail Polish Canada have added yet another unique product line to their online store. Poo-Pourri provides a solution for one of life’s embarrassing problems: bathroom odour. This award-winning before-you-go toilet deodorizer uses a special blend of essential oils to eliminate bathroom odours before they start so that no one will ever know what you were doing in there for all that time. In fact, one of the company’s slogans is, “Our business is to make it smell like your business never even happened.” This product sounds especially appealing for those situations when you need to use the bathroom at a friend or significant other’s house, when you are sharing a bathroom in a hotel room or small apartment, or when you need to use the bathroom at a party.

This product works differently than other odour control products. Unlike the standard aerosol freshener that you spritz into the air to mask odour after using the bathroom, Poo-Pourri works by creating a protective barrier that traps odours on the surface of the water and releases pleasant scents from essential oils. To use it, just add 3-5 sprays to the toilet water’s surface and proceed as usual.

Vanilla mint poo pourri review 2

To be honest, when I was given the opportunity to try this product, I was a bit sceptical. My first thought was how safe is it for the environment? However, when I received my bottle of Vanilla Mint Poo-Pourri*, the information printed on it proved me wrong by indicating that this product is free of synthetic fragrance, parabens, phthalates, aerosol, alcohol, and formaldehyde.

Vanilla mint poo pourri review 3

After learning that the product was environmentally friendly, my next thought was, does it actually work? Since this product makes some strong claims, I wanted to give it a difficult test and decided to have Mr. Writing Beauty evaluate its effectiveness. The results were surprising.

After his first time using it, there truly was no trace of the typical bathroom odours. Instead, the room was filled with the product’s pleasant scent. While the vanilla and the mint were detectable, we also noticed citrus undertones that added extra freshness. The bathroom smelled like a lemony cleanser combined with a sweet mint toothpaste. Needless to say, I can definitely recommend this product for those who are looking for a real solution for those embarrassing bathroom odours.

Aside from doing what it claims, there is so much more to this product that makes it appealing. First, the bottle is pretty enough to leave on display in your bathroom. The bottle also includes some added features that show the thought and care that went into its design. For example, there's a toilet paper shaped window on one side to show how much product is left.

Vanilla mint poo pourri review 4

If you haven’t picked up on it already, another appealing aspect of Poo-Pourri is the company’s humorous marketing strategies. The bottles feature short quotes and/or poems about taming bathroom odours, and some of the scents in the line have comical names. A few of my favourites include Royal Flush, Trap-A-Crap, and Deja Poo. The most hilarious element of Poo-Pourri’s advertising is the way it presents the product in its commercial, Girls Don’t Poop, which portrays a beautiful, classy-looking Scottish actress casually revealing detailed information about her own bathroom habits while speaking in a proper British accent. If you haven’t seen it, click HERE to watch and be prepared to laugh.

It’s this humorous element that makes Poo-Pourri a great gift option. It seems like a funny gag gift that its receiver can actually put it to good use. I think it would be a great housewarming gift, a perfect stocking stuffer, a unique addition to a bridal shower or newlywed gift, and a useful gift for the person who has everything. Just make sure that your gift recipients or house guests know how to use it since it does contai oils and accidentally spraying it into the air may make the bathroom floor slippery.

Poo-Pourri comes in 8 oz, 4 oz, and 2 oz bottles and starts at $12.95. I think the 2 oz bottle is the perfect size to keep in your purse for travelling or just having on hand for emergencies or unexpected situations. Since it’s sold on, you won’t need to feel embarrassed purchasing it in a store. Just add it to your cart while shopping for nail polish or other beauty items. Nail Polish Canada ships Poo-Pourri for free in Canada on orders over $25. To see the full selection of Poo-Pourri from Nail Polish Canada, click HERE or visit

Overall, I am very impressed with this product’s effectiveness, packaging, and entertaining marketing strategies. My household will continue using it and I will be purchasing extra bottles to save for gifts.

Will you try Poo-Pourri? Which scent is your favourite?

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