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February 2016 Teen Yoga Box Review

February Teen Yoga Box Review 2

February Teen Yoga Box Review 3

When I was twelve, I was told that I would experience the best years of my life in high school. While I met some great people and learned more about myself, it was definitely a stressful time filled with unexpected challenges and changes.

I learned along the way that taking a few moments do something relaxing and enjoyable can help make the teen years a bit easier. That’s where TeenYogaBOX comes in. It’s a nice monthly treat for teens that reminds them to take time for and be more thoughtful towards themselves. Boxes include 3-5 carefully selected, hand-made items and activities to help teens find their authentic self by reducing stress, building self-esteem, and encouraging positive self-worth and a sense of control over their lives.

Each TeenYogaBOX has a monthly theme. February’s box* focuses on self-love and believing that you are a valuable and worthy person.

February Teen Yoga Box Review 4

The box includes a note about the company and this month’s box, a letter from Jennifer Lovely (the founder of TeenYogaBOX) explaining how each item encourages, empowers, and motivates one to live a more fulfilling life, a card explaining how to take an Instagram photo of your box to receive a gift, and two yoga pose cards. This month’s poses are Child’s Pose and Downward Facing Dog. The cards include the benefits and strengths of these poses. I think they are a great reminder to take a few minutes to yourself to do something beneficial for your mind and body.

February Teen Yoga Box Review 5

It also includes this pretty and inspiring note pad.

February Teen Yoga Box Review 7

This Tampon & Pad Case from Kelley Threads is so cute and stylish that no one would ever guess what’s inside. Not to mention, it will save you from those embarrassing moments when you pull a book out of your school bag and a pad flies out with it. If you don’t use pads or tampons or don’t carry them with you, this little case would be a great place to store tissues, money, business cards, bandaids, lip glosses, etc.

February Teen Yoga Box Review 6

Although I’m eager to try all the items in this box, I’m especially excited about this Madecasse Madagascar Chocolate Bar. It’s dark chocolate with sea salt and roasted almond nibs. Peace Corps volunteers in Madagascar made this chocolate from scratch using heirloom cocoa. The teenage version of me would have benefitted receiving a treat like this on a monthly basis rather than buying sticky sour candies from the convenience store. Yes, I have had my fair share of cavities.

February Teen Yoga Box Review 11

Aside from neglecting my teeth, I also didn’t take the best care of my skin as a teen, mainly because I went through a tanning phase in high school that left me with sunspots and a questionable mole that had to be removed years later. If I could give teens any advice, it would be that tanning is not worth it. Appreciate the skin that you have and take care of it in any way that you can. The Sacred Earth Spray from Sweet Sisters Body Care is a great way to start as it features a blend of nourishing plant oils, natural antioxidants, and aromatherapeutic essential oils to nourish and protect skin while promoting relaxation and balance.

February Teen Yoga Box Review 9

This month’s box also includes two other products from Sweet Sisters. The first is their Lipmint that uses natural oils to soften and replenish lips.

February Teen Yoga Box Review 8

Next is Balance which is a blend of oils that balances hormones, eases discomfort, soothes tension, and calms emotions. Apply a bit to pulse points, temples, wrists, or feet to feel more relaxed.

February Teen Yoga Box Review 10

Overall, I’m very impressed with the February 2016 TeenYogaBOX. The items can be used by teens and women of any age. Usually when I receive a subscription box, there may be one or two items that won’t work for me, but I can honestly say that I will use every one of these products.

I also really love the concept of TeenYogaBOX and think that it would be perfect as a first day of high school gift. Receiving something encouraging and uplifting every month provides teens with consistency that they can look forward to during a time when their lives are constantly changing. I wish it was available back when I was a teen.

To learn more about TeenYogaBOX, to subscribe, or to send a box as a gift, click HERE or visit

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