Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nail Art Flashback: St. Patrick's Day Nails

St Patrick s Day Nail Art

While looking through the Writing Beauty nail art archives this month, I noticed two things. The first is that I created my first St. Patrick's Day nail art back in 2012. This was back when I was really into using nail art pens.

For this look, I created the majority of the design using gold and green nail art pens, with the help of a stamping nail art image plate for the shamrock. For more information on the products that I used and to see a tutorial on this look, click HERE.

Now, for my second realization of the month: I used to love taking pictures of my nail art designs against a backdrop of plants or flowers.

St Patrick s Day Nail Art 3

St Patrick s Day Nail Art 2

What do you think of the floral backgrounds? Too distracting? Visually entertaining?

To see more of my nail art (and to see how my nail art and photography skills have changed over the years), click HERE.


  1. floral backgrounds seems to be ok,.. not too distracting either,..

  2. I love how cute your nails look for St. Patricks Day and love the design. I also like the flowers for the backdrop too. Have a wonderful day. :0)